El Perfecto, breezy weather

Windy weather, cool breeze seeping through the temperature.
Lighting a smoke in the cold, the cold weather sent a tizzy down my body.
Enjoying the sudden change in temperature, I stand outside the house.
It's such a beautiful weather that cools one's heel.
I feel no state of hyperness despite the storm in my life.

Nowdays, I am feeling so relaxed and chilled out. It's a feeling of spacing out that I am experiencing after slogging out my ass for nearly three years and this extended holiday,lazing around is something to die for. I'm out of working but I don't feel out of place anymore. Outside, the sudden change in temperature and breeze makes things so beautiful and winter seeping in is a delight that sounds like mint chocolate. 
I have been able to do lotsa things, blogging on both forums, reading two books simultaneously and working on my novel. Life is beautiful and I never enjoyed the lazing off so much. El Perfecto! As they say, the past is behind me and sift through lotsa enjoyable stuffs. The weather brings out the good vibe and positive energy, thus, enough reason to believe good things and pleasant surprises coming my way.
There are some job application letters that I need to shoot to some communication and media agencies. Guess, I'll do that in the evening as I droll over the blog and the free flow of words dropping like sharp arrow and cool cream. I eye the corners of the room only to realize that junk been lying on the tables that needs to be arranged in a neat manner. The room is always messy like the life is.
Shit! It's so cold nowadays and sitting in the room gives me lazy pang. Winter is always the season where I become fucking lazy and the only thing to do is to hit the sack, morning or evening. The rest doesn't matter. What do I do in these laid-back and free moments of life? For one, I didn't go out today and I opened the eyes at almost noon, checked some news websites, watched the headlines on the TV channels and yeah, watched MTV after aeons. One thing that eluded me so  far is penning my thoughts in the diary and guess, this what I gonna do after reading a lil bit of the books. Guess, when night come, I shall sip a whisky or two. Did I tell you guys that I have developed crushes on Barkha Dutt and Pooja Bedi, they are totally awesome women who are making a difference to their respective lives and that of the people around.
Chal, I shall switch off the button and I know, it's a pretty lame post. I promise to come with a better blog post morrow, something on the coolness quotient:)
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