Sensual love, soulful pleasure and craving of human instinct

Her naked body rolled and unfurled on the bed.
The translucent white bed sheet unfurled on the bed.
I sat half-naked on the bed, watching her beautiful body.
I caressed her face, as my finger ran gently on the upper part of the body and I moved downward with passion.
I pulled the white bed sheet that covers her beautiful body.
She smiles passionately and bites a red apple.
I sprinkle cold water all over her body.
She seems to tell me, let's be free and engulf in unequivocal passion.
I hold and embrace her in my arms.
We engulf in a long, passionate kiss as she bites my ears.
I kiss her on the neck as we our body gradually melt.
It's a gentle shower of passionate love as intimacy soars to new height.
I feel the fragrance of her body and our submission.
It is the submission of my body to her's.
I am the controlled lover as she subjects me to her passion.
She holds the remote as I sway to her burning desire and her craving for the innate human pleasure, sensuality and desire of the instinct.
We both experience an emotional and mental ejaculation.
She enjoys each and every moment of my masturbation that she provokes.
We found peace, solace and the yearning of desire reach a dead end as we enter each other.
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