What To Do On A Friday

We all look to Friday, isn't it? Thank God It's Not Monday and Thank God It's Friday, that's the stark contrast between the first and painful day of the week and the last working day where we could dance our way to office.

1. Make sure you wrap up everything in office the earliest and do not stay till late which could well play the spoiler among friends, girl friend/boyfriend or husband/wife. On Thursday, keep all your stuffs in place and as you reach office in time, who knows your boss may release you much early, say 2.30 or 3 p.m

2. Drink lotsa and lotsa water coz you know the next stop will be pub where you will drink like a fish till the wee hours in the morning. You know you can sleep late on Saturday, and, therefore, you shall not hold yourself in partying like an animal.

3. Save money for Friday and spend the strict minimum from Monday to Thursday if you don't wanna play dutch and sit at home, watching MTV on Friday. You know you gotta splurge on Friday and you gotta make sure that you resist all sinful temptation before Friday comes.

4. Spice up your sex life on Friday and make it the most memorable sex you ever experienced. Go with the free flow of energy and make your partner wanted and desirable. First, you gotta remove all negativity to attain bliss in sex and make Friday sex a special moment that both of you look forward to experience.

5. Fake an illness on Friday. There can't be a better day in the week when you report sick and stay at home, lazing around and waking up late. Trust me, it's bliss not having to wake up and rush to office on Friday and it is an absolutely awesome moment. But, do it at your own risk.

6. Catch the latest release in theatre next to you. This week you can look forward to Shoot Out at Wadala starring Anil Kapoor, John Abraham and yes!!!! Sunny Leone. It's awesome to watch a movie on the release day and there can't be a better feeling than watching a movie till 11 p.m and become a party animal after that. Come on, unleash the demon within.

Have Fun

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