Love and intimacy for all seasons

The rough wind is shaking the leaves and tree branches.
It's winterland approaching.
As caress your face, running my hand down your body, you smile in an erotic fashion.
Love has not diminished between us,
as the season changes its colors.
The color of love and passion may have changed but added more depth to our existence.
As we lay on the bed, engulfed in passionate kiss and intimate love-making,
Our existence gains more signficance.
Love has a purpose and meaning.
Our intimacy has reached a high-voltage as we declare vows to each other.
Winter makes us fall in love all over, again and again.
As we wake up near each other in the morning, we stay silently mute.
We don't need to make declaring of love to each other.
The winter is testimony to our love.
A love that transgresses season and its natural change.
Till a new season seeps through, we vow to make each other's life beautiful.
There is never a dull moment in our love,
like the beautiful and romantic weather.
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