MTV Splitsvilla 6 soars up temperature, oodles of hotness

It is the season of love, break-up, emotional downpour, lust, sexiness in the tinsel town. You wanna get in, yeah you are most welcome but at your own risk. Your lust for Sherlyn Chopra will soar the temperature this season while the girls long for Ranvijay. You guess it right, get inside the sizzling hot Villa and get ready to fall in love, scale your hotness quotient, fall for the hot & sexy legs, ditch her and go for the kill..the hot and soaring baby. The water in the pool has never got so hot and red. Yeah, you guessed it right, MTV Splitsvilla 6 is back. So what are you waiting, babes and dudes, get in, remove your inhibition, feel sexy, dance naked, love your body, get intimate, smooch and get physical. The song by Hard Kaur aptly describe the show, This is Splitsvilla, Don't mess with the girls and I so loove this song. It's sexy, sensual and aptly describe the show.
I have a confession to make: I am watching Splitsvilla after four years and last time, I was hooked was way back in 2008 which means that it was the first outing. I can't fucking tell how I survived without my hot favorite show which is way ahead other reality shows to the likes of Big Boss or even MTV Roadies. Splitsvilla is spicy, smoking hot like Pizza and they serve it hot, right? I slinked on the couch on Saturday and I've been dying to watch the show. Verdict: I will give Splitsvilla 6 four out of five and if you've missed Splitsvilla, log on MTV at Indian Time 7 p.m and take the cue from me, you will not be disappointed. You will be addicted and asking for more &more.
The participants will let their darkest secrets out and they will not get it easy as contenders are ever ready to scrag each other. You are invited to the mindless tattle as the cat is out of the bag. The secret diary as no longer out as the one-night stands, sex escapades, crushes are no longer suppressed. It is a girls' thing but the guys are not left far behind as they indulge in silly bickering, lingering from personal attack, vindication and physical fights that are averted in a timely fashion. It is the vision of the creative director that strike a right chord with gen x who is glued to MTV channel.
The first episode was totally awesome coupled with the close-up shots of the dude, sexy babes in bikinis that is the perfect recipe for success. The ex or hotness quotient is totally awesome. I have always been a huge and de-hard fan of Splitsvilla as it makes me dream of the 'Villa' world with lotsa ecstasy, human emotions and drooling over the babes. It is our lives lived and experienced on the small screen and I wonder how would I react if I was one of the 'Splitsvilla' inmates. Well, I will be myself despite the fact that some contenders have the tendency to go over the top to attract TRP for the channel.
MTV Splitsvilla is the in-thing and glad it is back coz our boring days will gradually wane out. It is a show for its coolness quotient and Sherlyn Chopra as the host is only too happy to up the hotness quotient. It will provoke a rush in hu (man) adrenaline. MTV India's Splitsvilla represents the youth, cool and urbane Indian middle class coupled with the growth of the economy.
As the show hurtles forward, I will come up with new posts and relish on ma favorite moments and chicks, hit at the 'not-so-cool' ones and stuff that deserves flak. Enjoy! Splitsvilla is here.
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