Happy Mother's Day

A small wish in my heart to U, Maa.
I have always been scared to tell you, How Much I Love You.
I am grateful for how you sacrificed your life for me.
You constantly chide me, you shout at me.
Yet! You love me a lot
Happy Mother's Day.

Today, is Mother's Day, a day where we declare our love to our mom. Mother's Day, some argue, has been hijacked by big retail shops to make a killing on the market. Though it is not an entirely dubious argument, the fact remains that it is a day to shower our love to our mother. I have always believed that one do not need a Mother's Day to shower our love and affection to the one who gave us birth and sacrificed her life so that we are able to stand our feet.
My Mom& Me: Though I am an adult, mom constantly nag me and treat me like a kid. I know that it can be irritating at times but the fact is that there is so much love when my mom shout and press on me to do things. Before, I was born mom was  working women but she decided to sacrifice her career so that I get the best of both world. She has sacrificed a lot so that I am not deprived of anything in life and has always encouraged me to study so that I become somebody in life. Today, as I look back, I realize how mom loves me. I remember when Dad passed away, I was studying at Mumbai university and she stood rock solid to take the place of Dad to make me realize I'm not alone in this world.
There so many mothers like Mom who toil hard and cut their stomach so that their children do not sleep hungry at night. They work double shifts in order to ensure that their sons and daughters get a good education. On this occasion of Mother's Day, my thought goes to the mom of Nirbhaya and so many rape victims, gudiya and the six-year old girl who died. If, there was something called poetic justice!
On the occasion of Mother's Day, I pay tribute to Maa who ensured that I am not deprived of anything in life and I pledge not to say anything that will hurt her feeling. Tomorrow, I may relocate to some other country but that does not mean that I do not love mom and leaving her. In life, we need to move on for various reasons, career or things that make us happy but mom will understand coz they know that the happiness of their kids are important. I promise Maa that once I am settled in my life, I will take you with me.
Maa, I know..I am trying to cut smoking and you constantly shout at me, telling how dangerous it is for health. I promise that this time I will try harder and yes, you are right. I should cut smoking and eventually put an end to ir.
Love you, Maa and you need to chill.
With Love
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