Things To Do as an Unemployed Bugger

You find yourself suddenly out of job all of a sudden? What do you to fill up your time as boredom is bound to seep up and if you are like me, an unemployed sort of guy-cum-bugger by choice who just resigned from two jobs back-to-back and who was an extreme work-alcoholic. Nopes, no need to despair and hit your head on the wall, thinking, how you will fucking spend your time. There are quite a few things that you can do to make your life meaningful and render yourself useful coz once you join a new office, you may not have the time to indulge yourself in pleasure activities.

1. Write blogs
This is what I have been doing since two months. It's quite a hurculean task to manage or put in that way, be the creative head of two blogs as you toggle with comments and posts. I've been posting stuffs on a regular basis for two months and there are so much to do.

2. Write a book
I sleep at 3 to 4 a.m in the morning as I hop from blogging to work on my rom-com novel. Being a lazy bum, I regularly skip the manuscript to watch TV news channel, MTV and watch movies. But, I was able to pen something and even if you have nothing to say, just open the page and try to pour out something.

3. Read and read
Reading can be such a blessing and I've been devouring not only books but newspaper websites such as The Guardian, Times of India and Khaleej Times. I have developed a fetiche of sort for magazines, lifestyle and feature articles. Being a journalist whose passion for the profession is deeply ingrained, I cannot do without newspapers and magazines. I've been reading Two Books at the same time and gotta finish with Vikram Seth Two Lives and jump to the final version of Amish trilogy, Oath of Vyaputras and Patrick French's India which I am so gung-ho about.

4. Do some Freelancing
Freelancing for magazines and content-based websites help you fulfil your creative urge and passion as you will earn some extra bucks as well to pay up stuffs. With online content mushrooming, you can sit in India and write for mags in Dubai, London or US. The concept of journalism has evolved four-fold and gone global permitting the shift from journalism to citizen journalism.

5. Sit in the coffee house
I always make it a weekly ritual to sit in the coffee house, spill the capuccino down my throat, jot on the diary and contemplate on stuffs. Trust me, ideas can flow and always carry a notepad if the laptop doesn't come handy and you can get the next big idea that will make you the next Chetan Bhagat or Marc Zuckerberg. It happened me quite a few times.

6. Write poems
I have been regularly posting poems on both blogs and you can check out my other blog, www.vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com to read my poems. Poems translate the state of mind and gives me an opportunity to convey my inner thoughts, though I need lots of improvements. I am planning to make an e-book of poems that I can circulate for free if it doesn't cost much. Which better way to sell myself?

7. Potato couch
Being unemployed is a phase and I've turned into a potato kinda couch, sitting with lappie on the knees and surfing various TV channels. I am totally hooked on news channels such as NDTV and Headlines Today that I find so fucking helpful as a journalist. I am already nurturing the dreams of becoming a TV reporter and anchor or host, why not?

Initially, I was wary of sitting at home but it turned out that my life is full of bang-on and activities. Honestly speaking, I find 24 hours in a day so less and how I wish the designer of our life had the knack to make it 36-hours a day. There are so much to do and so little time..novel, TV, reading and blogging..how do I forget Twitter where I have become quite active. To let the cat out of the bag, I have de-activated my Facebook account for a while and will be back after a month. It was a conscious decision coz I needed a break for the time-wasting activity and I find FB so fucking boring and lacks meaning.
With Love and hope you all had a super duper weekend.
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