Freedom from work

Hola people,
Having a Sunday free of penning stories for the newspaper in office and keeping my hands free from calling contacts is like cherry on the cake. Well, that doesn't mean that I dint work from home and yeah, I did make a story and mailed to office. But, but, having a Sunday in one month..well you can imagine what does that means for me..well it means a lot for a reporter/journalist.
So far, so good. Had a good week at work as I hardly struggled for story ideas, except on Sunday last owing to bad planning.
Olympics game just kicked off and frankly speaking, I hardly had the time to follow the cracking opening and show. I am seriously praying that Team India puts a good show and spell some magic to make us proud. Well, time to update blog dosts on the latest happening in the life of lame journalist as I call myself..no pun unintended here. I attended a coffee tasting event at a resort called Cafe Lux* and was treated to amazing Machiato and flat white coffee. Just imagine one attends an event to get a story and out of the blue you get another story and that too not just a story at random..a mini kinda interview with a model and contendant for Miss Universe who just popped for a cuppa coffee. I jumped at the opportunity and just in time caught  hold of Miss South Africa and asked her a few questions and managed to click a pic with her.
Miss Bam came for a photo shoot for Cosmo... and I must concede that she oozes hotness combined with humility and is grace personified. Well, normally I am not gung-ho about goris and my stand hasn't changed after meeting Miss SA. Just stating the fact and it was a pleasure speaking to her. My first brush with a model and I was quite upbeat when the story came. Unfortunately, just gotta seven minutes with her..nahin toh..no dearies don't get sexy ideas here..I mean my interview would have been longer. But, it turned out very well.
Well, what else the peeping toms..oops peeping blog dosts wanna know about my life..I do like someone but for the moment she might read this blog, so not really opening the book of ma life..shall keep it for my personal diary and if that's a bit of news for you, gals and guys..that's it!!!!Yeah, but it's not really happening..I made my move and by now she knows about my feeling..but I am not the kinda guy who will play the wooing game if someone expects me to chase..I might well move on and carry on wid ma life..I have better stuffs to do in life.
Yeah, been fiddling with relationship issues of friends as I turned into love gurus for two chicks and advising them on what to do..or lemme put it that way, from a guy's perspective..well, if anyone of you have relationship issues, you know my door is open and you are more than welcome on blogspot, blogdosts...
After ages, I started reading the P G Wodehouse series and this time I laid my hands on The Head of Kays and after that I shall jump to one of Osho's book I got myself at a fair. I have quite a few books to read. Tomorrow is Monday and I am already abhorring it and gotta face the blues since I gotta wake up at 6.30 a.m. Reason: After a hell lotta struggle I gotta an appointment with a guy for the Olympics game and adding that to another story I have already prepared..so reached office, I shall be in a frantic-cum-hyper mood of running around from one place to another to hunt for stories.
I shall make a move now as I reach for a DvD movie to end my well deserved and luxurious Sunday.
Posing with Miss SA, Melinda Bam
Cheerio! kalti marta hoon boss.


The monsoon conversation over vodka

It's a soothing Saturday evening. Monsoon flooded island city as trains were running late and people were stranded at railway and bus stations. The city witnessed the first shower in the evening as water rose above sea water and promenades at Marine Drive and Bandra was flooded.
Away from the heavy rains, Ayush, Panchi and Siddharth sat in the hall of a plush apartment in Bandra over vodka, coke and weed.  They were celebrating the first monsoon in the city.
 The gang of three met on the first day in Economics class and since then they became good friends in a city afflicted by loneliness and 'I mean business lingo.' As the vodka is poured in their respective glasses, Ayush lying on the floor and holding the cigarette stick between his fingers pops a question, 'Guys what do you think about life, no seriously?"
Siddharth and Panchi yells at him in unison, "What the fuck, dude? Now, don't start with your Paulo Coelho-kinda-inspired philosophy?"
Ayush retorts, "So you guys wanna debate how to make babies?"
He continues, "Panchi your life is set. You are going steady with your boyfriend, have great sex and is a well known journalist with Mumbai leading and respectable magazine, Today's city."
He gives Siddharth a menacing look, "You mother fucker. You spend your dad's money like a fish on daaru and after your MBA you will join your dad insurance stock company. I'm sure your dad has already reserved a cabin for you bearing the label director."
Siddharth shouts, "Fuck you Ayush..bloody bitch."
Panchi intervenes just in time, "Guys chill!!! What's the issue?"
Ayush explained that he just wanted everybody to have a discussion on life and a complete departure from their usual conversation about girls, guys for Panchi and sex.
Siddharth playfully asks, "So mother fucker what is on your agenda of life today..dude and please no reference to Paulo Coelho..do your research on him later?"
Ayush starts, " See my scene right now is that I don't wanna go to my home town and spend the rest of my life with mom. After all, it is a question of my individuality, guyzz? I want to live my life and this is where everything lies.Yahan Mumbai me!
Siddharth joins in, "Listen dude. Whatever you say? After all, she is your mom and she needs you. I also want to settle in the States. But, I think that I should be with Mom and Dad. They are our parents and we must sacrifice our dreams for them. I mean it's not cool to leave them alone in old age and embrace our dreams. They need us at some point or the other."
Ayush lights a cigarette. "Dude, I am not saying that. Chasing our dreams doesn't mean we are being selfish or something like that. I honestly believe that it is important to be happy in life. It is our right as human beings to be happy and it is not something that we are asking life to give to us. Happiness is not charity."
He asks, "Do you think that our parents would love to see us sad or for that matter, their joy lies in our happiness?"
Siddharth quips, "I don't know? I never discussed such things with mom and Dad as I never thought of leaving them to pursue my dreams of becoming a singer. I always wanted to take a course in singing in US. But, there are always certain considerations."
He touches the shoulder of Ayush in a comforting manner, "I understand that you always wanted to be happy in your life. But, bro any decision has to be well thought and dissected. Sometimes, in our quest for freedom we must ensure that we have not left our loved ones behind that coming back may become a near impossible task."

Hmm! You guys are quite confused about what you want in life, rues Panchi in a playful manner. I think that Ayush is quite clear in what he wants in life. Guys, I personally feel that when we would be lying on our death bed and shed tears on what we could but didn't do in life, it will be the biggest tragedy of human life. She explains, "At least, it's better to pursue one's dreams and live joyfully rather than dying every second. There are some people who are already dead every moment despite living on earth."
She quips, "If you may feel, Siddharth can I honestly tell you something?"
Siddharth nods.
Panchi continues, "Dude, I respect your views about making your parents happy. But, I feel that you are scared to pursue your dreams. Go and kiss the world. Perhaps, you will never get such an opportunity again in life."
Turning her gaze to Ayush, "Yeah! Dude! That doesn't mean you are happy with your life. I mean be happy with what you do with life. You were telling me that my life is set. Fine, I have a great boyfriend. We have great sex and I am doing well professionally. But, that doesn't mean that life is a bed of roses for me. I belong to a small town and fought with my family to be here in Mumbai. Professionally speaking..everyday is a struggle for me and to reach where I am today I had to fight with myself every single moment sacrificing friends, late night parties. Life is not that easy dude. But, play cool and stay cool dude! Now, I need another vodka."
Siddharth pours vodka in the glasses. Panchi sips the vodka and say, "Over to you, guys."
Everybody remain silent for five minutes.
Siddharth, hmm!!!! Arre purra monologue kiya Panchi ne. I think we need to smoke up  and get back to the stuffs. This is getting really interesting and passionate during the monsoon.
They walk towards the balcony and share a joint. All of a sudden, the heavy rains lashes on the city.
"Arre! Panchi is right about me and you. It's raining and we could have chosen to run inside the house but we are standing right here as dollops of rain is falling on our forehead. It's experimental and we are enjoying it. Life should be like that only! No analysis. Just embrace life," observes Ayush.
Siddharth adds, "For once, I do not dispute the fact. Dude! Go home and make your mom understand where your happiness lies. I never knew that you can't do without Mumbai. I mean hold her hands and tell her the truth. But, please don't let her in the dark."
Ayush agrees, "I understand your point and won't keep her in the dark. On one side, lies our happiness and on the other side is her, one of the most important important woman in my life. She gave me birth, true and it is something I will mull over, to bring her with me to Mumbai if she agrees of course. In that way, she will not feel lonely and I can pursue my dreams. I wish to say that I am not selfish."
Siddharth pours another drink in their respective glasses and stand up and raises his right hand in theatrical fashion. "Lady and gentleman, I need your attention. You guys have opened my eyes. I have decided to go and pursue my dreams of becoming a singer in Boston. I will explain to mom and dad. Perhaps, in the start they will feel bad. But, they will understand. If I make it, they will be proud of their son. If I fail, they will also be proud since their son tried at least."
Both guys shouts in unison. "Climax ka time aagaya and over to the over-drunked lady."
Panchi smiles and shouts."Fuck off guys. It's high time that both of you need to get laid!!!!Okie, over to me.."
".....Well, with respect to what our parents have done for us, I want to ask a simple: If we were given the choice, would we prefer to be born in our respective families or for that matter choose to come in this world? Think over it, guys!! Our parents never asked anyone before deciding to bring us in this world since it was a matter of choice. So, is it fair on their part to tell us not to pursue our dreams and not be happy in life?"
The room went silent. Panchi lights a cigarette: " Guys, don't take it wrongly. I am personally grateful to my parents for what they have done for me. I am sure you guys are grateful too and love your wonderful parents. I am just saying that it is not a sin to dream and walk towards the path to achieve happiness in life. It should not be a clash between us and our parents. I feel that the biggest selfish act is to prevent a friend, son or daughter  or for that matter a lover to fly."
They all clapped. "Taalis, taalis" and hugged each other.
The rains doesn't seem to stop. The wind is blowing violently. Monsoon has started and island city is beaming with joy.


You and I

You and I in this beautiful world!!!!
The moment I saw you, I was struck by your beauty.
Deep inside, I knew it was not a stroke of luck that we met.
I found the excuse to say Hi to you.
There was something brewing between us.
Dunno what they call it?
Calling it love would be perhaps the biggest fallacy in the world.
You are not the regular babe that one meet in the subway.
Neither you are the idolized angel that we may encounter.
You are unique in your own way and that what made your charm work on me.
You did nothing!
I did nothing! ahem! ahem!
Then what do we call it?!
Why do I long to see you?
The smile on your face, your beautiful eyes and the way you say hi makes my world go round.
What are you thinking in the wee hours in the morning?
Are you sleeping with your eyes closed and smiling?
I wish I could see sleeping.
Now will you care to be with me in my dreams?
We will be holding hands together and walking down the alley in this chilled winter.
Till destiny brings us together


Birthday and happiness

Wassap people,
Celebrated ma budday on June 24 and as I write this post on Sunday it is eck jhackly one week. I am born again or if I put it that way,  re-born. The new kid on the block is blossoming slowly into one-week old cute baby boy. I received so much love during ma birthday via Facebook, sms, chat and phone calls. The wishes kept flowing even after budday got over. I am forever grateful to life and frenz that matters.
I cannot whine about life and whatever I have received has been a complete bundle of joy, happiness and success as I look back at the years that elapsed. It has been a beautiful journey, making so many good friends and earning a beautiful place in people's hearts. The reason I made so many friends is because I wear my heart on my sleeve and open up to people with honesty and genuine care and concern. I connect the dots with people and there is no hidden motive in my interaction with people. That's me.
One thing I have learned in life is to act in a selfless manner with people. I love people!!!! I have learned a lil bit of lessons in life and I honestly believe that one..errr sorry me..shouldn't have a sea of expectations from people. If I connect with people, I will go out of my way to do everything but I shouldn't expect that they will give back in the same manner. Expecting too much is wrong from my perspective.
In that way, I have received so much from people and for which I am eternally grateful to life. Yes! Indeed! I have received so much love from people..a thousand splendid suns. My reasoning is simple: If things come your way, great! If it doesn't and if like me you don't expect too much, there is very less or no grief and disappointment. That's the way I am. I go out of my way to make people around me feel comfortable and I am not going to change that part of me. Sure! Some people have told me to stop being like that since people will take me for granted. Par kya karein! That's the way I am and I believe that life is more about giving and less about receiving.
Next point. It's been an amazing journey of life and it's been a great learning experience and happiness. I have my fair share of success. I made the best of friends and studied in one of the best colleges in India and the best in Pune, Fergusson College. I am blessed. I would do nothing to change this. What I wouldn't give to get back this life. Haan! There are certain things in life that I wished for and has so far eluded me. Theek hai! Not all that we wished for is turned into reality. May be I haven't tried hard enough to achieve all my dreams. But, we live in a world of immense possibilities and it's not too late as someone pointed out to me the other day. My dream of becoming an actor and a film-maker has become a distant dream so far. But, that doesn't mean that it will never become a reality. I am quite confident and intend to start soon with a short film.
Today, a dear friend of mine got hitched in Pune. I am damned happy for her as she has finally found love. She is such a wonderful person and she deserves every moment of happiness. As far as I am concerned, quite a few people have discussed on when I am taking the plunge or whether I will ever get married.
My present state of mine is:NO. I love my freedom too much to ever get married and I feel that marriage is a trap imposed by society to impose their rules and I don't want to bend to the rules. Marriage like religion is imposed by society to exploit our state of being. If I have to make a choice in life, I will always opt for the triumph of my individuality and I am not going to trade it for anything else in my life. I refuse to get bogged down by the rules of society.
Where does love come into the whole business of marriage? I don't think that we can link love to marriage. Sure, from a different perspective love is connected to marriage but I have an entirely different take on that. I believe in the very concept of 'free love'. Assume tomorrow, I fall in love with someone, yeh zaroori nahin hai ke next step should be marriage. If we truly love each other, we can always be there for each other when needed. If she decides to be with someone else who will provide her with care, security, emotional and material comfort, I will not stop her. This is true love. If you love someone, that doesn't mean that you should not respect her wishes if she chose not to be with you but rather with someone else. Why get into the marriage business? But, it's my own perspective on life, love and marriage. What is good for new kid on the block is not necessarily true for the whole world. But, then I am rebel and that's the way I am!
Have a good day.