You and I

You and I in this beautiful world!!!!
The moment I saw you, I was struck by your beauty.
Deep inside, I knew it was not a stroke of luck that we met.
I found the excuse to say Hi to you.
There was something brewing between us.
Dunno what they call it?
Calling it love would be perhaps the biggest fallacy in the world.
You are not the regular babe that one meet in the subway.
Neither you are the idolized angel that we may encounter.
You are unique in your own way and that what made your charm work on me.
You did nothing!
I did nothing! ahem! ahem!
Then what do we call it?!
Why do I long to see you?
The smile on your face, your beautiful eyes and the way you say hi makes my world go round.
What are you thinking in the wee hours in the morning?
Are you sleeping with your eyes closed and smiling?
I wish I could see sleeping.
Now will you care to be with me in my dreams?
We will be holding hands together and walking down the alley in this chilled winter.
Till destiny brings us together

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