Birthday and happiness

Wassap people,
Celebrated ma budday on June 24 and as I write this post on Sunday it is eck jhackly one week. I am born again or if I put it that way,  re-born. The new kid on the block is blossoming slowly into one-week old cute baby boy. I received so much love during ma birthday via Facebook, sms, chat and phone calls. The wishes kept flowing even after budday got over. I am forever grateful to life and frenz that matters.
I cannot whine about life and whatever I have received has been a complete bundle of joy, happiness and success as I look back at the years that elapsed. It has been a beautiful journey, making so many good friends and earning a beautiful place in people's hearts. The reason I made so many friends is because I wear my heart on my sleeve and open up to people with honesty and genuine care and concern. I connect the dots with people and there is no hidden motive in my interaction with people. That's me.
One thing I have learned in life is to act in a selfless manner with people. I love people!!!! I have learned a lil bit of lessons in life and I honestly believe that one..errr sorry me..shouldn't have a sea of expectations from people. If I connect with people, I will go out of my way to do everything but I shouldn't expect that they will give back in the same manner. Expecting too much is wrong from my perspective.
In that way, I have received so much from people and for which I am eternally grateful to life. Yes! Indeed! I have received so much love from people..a thousand splendid suns. My reasoning is simple: If things come your way, great! If it doesn't and if like me you don't expect too much, there is very less or no grief and disappointment. That's the way I am. I go out of my way to make people around me feel comfortable and I am not going to change that part of me. Sure! Some people have told me to stop being like that since people will take me for granted. Par kya karein! That's the way I am and I believe that life is more about giving and less about receiving.
Next point. It's been an amazing journey of life and it's been a great learning experience and happiness. I have my fair share of success. I made the best of friends and studied in one of the best colleges in India and the best in Pune, Fergusson College. I am blessed. I would do nothing to change this. What I wouldn't give to get back this life. Haan! There are certain things in life that I wished for and has so far eluded me. Theek hai! Not all that we wished for is turned into reality. May be I haven't tried hard enough to achieve all my dreams. But, we live in a world of immense possibilities and it's not too late as someone pointed out to me the other day. My dream of becoming an actor and a film-maker has become a distant dream so far. But, that doesn't mean that it will never become a reality. I am quite confident and intend to start soon with a short film.
Today, a dear friend of mine got hitched in Pune. I am damned happy for her as she has finally found love. She is such a wonderful person and she deserves every moment of happiness. As far as I am concerned, quite a few people have discussed on when I am taking the plunge or whether I will ever get married.
My present state of mine is:NO. I love my freedom too much to ever get married and I feel that marriage is a trap imposed by society to impose their rules and I don't want to bend to the rules. Marriage like religion is imposed by society to exploit our state of being. If I have to make a choice in life, I will always opt for the triumph of my individuality and I am not going to trade it for anything else in my life. I refuse to get bogged down by the rules of society.
Where does love come into the whole business of marriage? I don't think that we can link love to marriage. Sure, from a different perspective love is connected to marriage but I have an entirely different take on that. I believe in the very concept of 'free love'. Assume tomorrow, I fall in love with someone, yeh zaroori nahin hai ke next step should be marriage. If we truly love each other, we can always be there for each other when needed. If she decides to be with someone else who will provide her with care, security, emotional and material comfort, I will not stop her. This is true love. If you love someone, that doesn't mean that you should not respect her wishes if she chose not to be with you but rather with someone else. Why get into the marriage business? But, it's my own perspective on life, love and marriage. What is good for new kid on the block is not necessarily true for the whole world. But, then I am rebel and that's the way I am!
Have a good day.

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