Blessed with such a friend

Flashback: Pune 2004-06
We shall not part.
We stay in each other's hearts.
That's what we tell people when they ask where do we stay!!!!!
No matter what, we shall stand the test of time.
That's what true friendship is all about.
We may have issues or disagreements.
But, at the end of the day if all goes well,
That's means our friendship was not made of clay.
Celebrating the joy of friendship.

Today, I narrate the story of my friendship. A friend that I met in college, Adi..my bro and perhaps my everything. He became one of my biggest support system in Fergusson College in Pune. That was between 2004 to 2006. Adi shouted and yelled at me when I was fucking up things. Over the years, we turned out to become great friends. We met in a party for the first time and we were shit drunked over Smirnoff India vodka with orange juice. Since then, there was no looking back. He was one of the few people I didn't take too long to connect with. Normally, I take a long time to connect with people but this friendship was here to stay. I knew about. My sixth sense told me and I am never wrong in that way. I trust my sixth sense:)
He is the mature one and I was the kid in the group coz I think with my heart and not the head..I mean I am still a kid who has never learned the ropes of the rational world. Adi was always pissed off with me....
Dude! What a born chutiya you are, Adi would tell me.
We would get engaged in a heated argument. Once, we were so sloshed in a party and he told the girls make sure I am dropped home.
To which I would reply:
Haan, mein doodh peeta bacha hoon na.
There are several such anecdotes and incidents that ocurred during the course of our friendship. I guess writing a 1000 pages book on it won't suffice. That was the bonding that we shared during our college days. Ha! How can I miss the lunch and dinner treat at his home. His mom prepared the best food in the world. The coffee that aunty makes is awesomely fab! I still miss aunty's Maharashtrian food and not to forget the mangoes that his dad would bring all the way from Nagpur.
The gaalis that we would generously throw at each other...Abe madarchod tu abhi gyaan mad de..I would tell him. That was in response to the crush I developed on Miss M..I saved her number as princess M. He would tell me:
Chutiya. you are not cut out for him.
I would reply: Abe gandu chup karna....
That was our friendship.
I would call him bastard and he would call me asshole. We were known as asshole and bastard and not to forget our 'gay act' just for fun as we got pleasure in teasing the gal he was dating. Mind you! The bro-mance was done in the presence of his then girlfriend at that point of time.
I vividly remember the crush I had on miss G. I wanted to declare my feeling to her but there was some hesitation. She just came from her holidays and I was grilled by Adi and four more people. I was shit scared since we were friends and there was always this fear that I might lose my friendship with her.
That was the fun part as those four guys were like..abe chutiya just tell her and this bhosari ke going by the name of Adi just took my phone threatening me..gandu if you don't tell her, I am going to tell her pretending to be you. Well, he taught me self-confidence that I never had.
Adi-Bhenchod..now just tell her 1 4 3
Me- Chutiya yeh kya hai?
Adi-I love you
Me-Abe lund..marwage kya?
Adi-Saale tu bhaiyya bole dena usske..take a chance chutiya
I wrote 1 4 3 as I reach for miss G reliance number..
I hesitate, close my eyes and press her number..
Five, ten minutes gone..no reply ting ting
Me-Gandu dekh pakka ussko gussa aayi
Adi- Chutiya!
Beep beep..
Miss G-What does that mean
Me- (Of course prodded by this chutiya): What do you think it is?
Miss G- Well, it was a stupid game that we used to play in first standard.
Me- (Not entirely my doing)..G..I wanted to tell you that since long...I really like you..................

The next day she sent an sms..Vishal, I am sorry that I was rude to you yesterday...nopes I am not revealing anything on this space..the rest is history and I was dancing in the kitchen.
Well, Adi thanks a ton, dude.
Whether playing truth and dare where he made me reveal soo much or smoking and discarding the butt in his magic pot or skipping the exams, we have done all that...We bonded over alcohol and smoking.
There was time when we were not speaking terms at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He was pissed off with me for some time, entirely my doing as I went into my shell and decide to cut off from the whole world. He moved to Australia and me to Mumbai. Then, once he called me from Australia and we spoke for some time.Quite formally I would say! Then, we re-connected on Facebook and it was like the good 'ole' days. We called each other a few times and degree of awesomeness cannot be quantified.
Today, I can say that this is a friendship that stood the test of time. Amen to that! We haven't seen each other for almost 5 years now and we shall very soon meet each other in India. I am confident of that. Like I said, my sixth sense cannot and shall not fail me.
To that, cheers to bastard and asshole.

P.S: It's about my equation with Adi. If the Hindi cusswords offend you, please refrain from commenting.

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