Chapter 2: An Orkut Love Story

This post-cum-chapter on Day Two is written as part of the  UBC July 2014. Hope you enjoy reading it:)


I forked up almost 500 bucks for eight hours of surfing, logging on and off Orkut during the past few days. There is no sign of Swagata and I am feeling depressed, cursing my luck.
It’s getting absurd to feel for an estranged kinda crush living in another country, surrounded by the sea and whom I’ve never met and will probably never ever in my life. I can’t help feeling there is something about her and the heart is already doing somersault. Right now, I am incomplete and life is never the same without her. Thank you, Orkut.
“Better to stay off Orkut, buddy,” I try to reason. I am trying to delete the vivid and charming face of Swagata from the mind and spent the days, roaming around at Café Mondegar and SFX Bar in Colaba, drinking beer, with my almost depleted pocket money sent from home. It’s Saturday and I bond with Kushal and his girl-friend, Tanvi, wearing Red Jersey and cheering for Manchester United at SFX. As huge Man U fans, we are bonding over beer.
Tanvi asks, “So any girl-friend?”
“Nopes…actually, I like someone on Orkut,” I hesitatingly said.
“Tell more, bro,” Kushal beams with excitement.
I feel flustered and strange, sharing the unusual one sided romance with new stranger-friends I met a while ago. “Actually, we don’t know each other but saw her profile on Orkut. I feel, I am falling for her, she is from Mumbai but shifted base to Hong Kong,” I let off.
Tanya laughs, “Dude! Get a life. Seriously! How can you fall for someone you’ve never met and get upset about the whole thing? I mean, why should she add you? Are you Anil Ambani, Abhishek Bachchan or the Prince of Wales, or what? I am sorry, I am just being frank.”
Tushar intervenes, “Take light, man. If you want to, I can introduce you to the hot females in my office. Take a chill pill Chillax” He pours more beer in my glass and winks, “Try to be friend with Swagata and who knows, she might respond! But, don’t build castles in the air about someone you’ve never met. If it happens, let it be or else there are plenty of fish in the sea. We’ll go fishing”
Tania seems serious and sneers at her boy-friend. “I am shocked, to say the least. How many hot chicks you know in your office? Many fishes in the sea…this is so misogynist, dude..anyways,” she sounds offended.
Tushar’s face grows white. Tania ignores him and held me by the shoulder to ask, “Listen dude! She needs to get out of your system and you are staying with us at our Parel House for the week end. Hey cheer up! We’ll catch a glimpse of your Swagata during the Sunday Brunch on your new ‘Orkut’ life.” She hugs me.

To be continued…..
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