An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 5

Today is Day Five. This post is written as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014.

Chapter Five
The headlines on Times of India read, ‘Mumbai boy kidnapped and murdered, Orkut links.’ As I am reading the story, a chill grips my body and I stand paralyzed for few minutes.’ I mean, some people befriended young Adnan through Orkut and according to TOI report, he was allegedly kidnapped for ransom and they killed him.
I am aghast at such inhuman act where the social networking site is being misused. I wonder, “I am chatting with someone online, nurturing friendship despite we are separated by the sea and oceans. Now, does it make us predators or victims?” Silly thoughts, I chide myself.
What does one do on a boring Sunday? Lazing around in the hostel, sipping tea and munching Bourbon biscuits! I walk to the cyber café and log on Orkut to see a scrap linking to the web page of TOI. “Oh! No! Not again. I’ve read this horrifying story, narrating the murder of young Adnan. “Have you read?”, she persistently asks.
I am getting irritated now in the manner and accusatory tone, alluding that I may be a potential criminal in her eyes. I furiously scrap, ‘TOI is delivered at my door step first thing in the m’nin…”
“Oh! I didn’t know you get TOI in your house..,” she playfully remarks.
I shot back, “What to do? Not everyone is lucky to read TOI online.”
Swagata changes the conversation and veers to the ‘Orkut’ kidnapping and murder case, “I feel so sad, yaa..The online world is so dangerous and you may not know that you are chatting and exchanging scraps with vultures.”
Excuse me! Now wait! Did I read properly? Did the person smiling behind the angelic smile just called, termed and brandished me as a vulture, hiding behind a computer screen? I mean, that’s ridiculous just because someone has been kidnapped and killed.
I am roaring like a wounded tiger and type, “You are freaking out and have no right to treat every single person you meet as a potential criminal, sicko or rapist.”
She didn’t reply back instantly and must be racking her brain what to scrap. Bundle of scraps flowing, one after the other: “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you..making a general observation on the ugly world…please try to understand. I feel we are rushing too much into friendship… let’s not exchange e-mails or phone numbers…let’s go easy and get to know each other properly.
I reply back, “Your wish..it’s not that I am wasting money in cyber for hours waiting to exchange communications with you.”
I log off and dash out of the café. What a screwy day!!!
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