An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 23

Day 23: The prompt for the novella, 'An Orkut Love Story' is written as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014.


“Why are you acting so weird?” Swagata furiously asks. She flings my cigarette pack on the table, “You don’t pick up calls, man and now, what’s the point, sitting here as if we are acting in a silent movie? Kuch toh Bol, at least, for fuck sake!”
“Hmm! I try to be normal at times. I was busy at Nani’s place meeting cousins and few of my friends in Pune,” I lie. “See at some point, we need our space in the relationship, na. I am sure you felt free during that time, meeting people and enjoying at the art gallery,” I try to shrug her doubt.
“All this is very good. But, it seems insensitive at times na,” She looks away. “And, your new normal is not funny at all.” I pretend not to hear.
She is fuming, “Are you really listening to what I am saying? You seem to be in another world and, I mean, I came to meet you, skipping, work and you!”
I cajole her, “Sorry! I was lost in some thoughts. What were you saying?”
“I don’t repeat myself,” She says with a forced smile.
“C’mon yaar, don’t act so pricey.”
“That I am,” she pulls the collar of her Salwar.
“Babe, don’t show attitude. You are trying to roll the collar as if you wearing a shirt,” I tease her.
“Fuck you. I told you, na. I don’t repeat myself.”
I pretend to be scandalized, “WoW! Who are you not to repeat yourself? Amitabh Bachchan..hum jahan khade hai line wohi se shuru hota hai.”
She giggles, “Woohoo! Kya dialogue, Sirjee! You or me?”
“Of course, me. You don’t know how many girls run after me. Who will run after you? You are just pretending to be the female Amitabh Bachchan with aha..I don’t repeat myself..killer attitude and all!”
She hits me on my back. I shouted in the café, “Look, people! She is hitting on me.”
“Shut up! Please don’t embarrass me.”
“Aha, Madam is getting embarrassed. Wah! Kya baat hai. News of the Day: India Wants to Know.”
She chides me, “Stop being such a moron, yaa. I beg of you. But, I like you, my moron, a very cute one.” Swagata pinches my cheek.
The last time’s dejection has given way to love. I wonder how complex and confusing human emotions can be. Love is an oxymoron, don’t they say? At the rate things are going, looks like it’s a one-sided love story. “Shit man! I can’t believe that I am falling in love with her more and more every single day and this is not happening. It’s so shitty and don’t wanna it to screw my happiness like that. Another month and she’ll be gone. Somebody, please stop it. I am imploring the Gods, right now.
She caresses my face with her hand, “Baby, what are you thinking?”
“Random thoughts,” I wink.
“Acha! Let’s go for any movie, tomorrow and then I wanna spend the night with you.”
“Done,” I feel air lifted. We kissed like long lost lovers.
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