An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 26

Today is Day 26. This chapter as part of the novella, 'An Orkut Love Story is written as part of the prompt, .Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014.
I've been running late for the challenge and trying to catch up with the latest posts to keep up with the challenge. Apologies for those hopping to read the latest. Guess, feeling the fatigue.


I landed in front of Swagata’s flat at 9 in the morning to surprise her with flowers, ‘I Love You’ card and huge packet of chocolate.  It is early morning. I waited for the past two hours for her to walk past the gate on her way to work and woo her with flowers.
A mixed feeling of worry and frantic heart-beat is enveloping my body right now.  I hate my sixth sense which always rings true and right now, it’s killing me.
I feel a lump in my heart when Swagata, dressed in red shirt and blue denim, popped out of nowhere like Cinderalla and her face showing a mild irritation. Her eyes caught my face and I smiled to her. She hastily approached me, clenched my fist and whispered, ““What are you doing here? Walk behind me till Infinity Mall.” I followed her order and after walking for five minutes in the scorching heat, we reached Infinity Mall.
She looks around before asking, “What were you doing in front of the gate?”
I am confused. “What do you mean and what’s wrong with you, yaa? I wanted to surprise you..”
She stole a quick glance at the flowers and chocolates. She exudes a hesitant smile, “Is it for me? Okay. I am taking it for the last time.”
“I need to tell you something important. It is about us. We are meeting for the last time since uncle and aunty saw us together last time, holding hands and kissing at Barista. As it is, my internship is getting over and you know very well that I am leaving for Hong-Kong in two weeks. I see no point for us to keep meeting in hiding and Dad knows about you.”
“What the fuck?” I am infuriated. “Why don’t you tell them about us? I can meet your uncle..”
She cuts me short. “Are you mad or what? I will get into trouble. O-k-a-y! Sorry for shouting. May be it’s my fault that I didn’t tell you that my parents are very conservative and they have found a guy for me in Delhi. I am getting married in a year.”
“I hope you understand. I mean to say, I will always cherish the time spent together and you have given me so much happiness,” her voice choking with emotion.
I was at a loss of words and in a spate of anger just shot, “If this is your decision, I cannot help it.”
Swagata gave me a tight hug and said, “Bye.” Tears rolled on her cheeks as she hopped in the rickshaw, “Bhaiya, Andheri Station jaldi.”

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