An orkut Love Story: Chapter Four

Day Four: Chapter Four is written as part of Ultimate Blog Challenge July 2014 for the mini novella, An Orkut Love Story.

Chapter four

“Abhi abhi mile hai, dosti door ki baat hai.”
 The words woven like images coruscate on the lap top screen. I became blank for a second, fidgeting with the key pad, feeling rejected and my crush story going kaput before it started. I stare at the screen and don’t bat an eye lid. Wait! I read it ten times to be sure that I am not being rejected by a beautiful woman. I can’t help it! I am feeling bad and mushy songs are already playing in my mind. I am in no mood to become a modern Devdas, getting high on my favorite whisky brand, Imperial Blue and drowning my sorrow, listening to Tanhayee..dil ke raaste pe thokhar mein khayee… Jiye to Jiye Kaise. I am feeling lousy right now.
Upar wale ne Husn diya toh nakra dikhana zaroori hai (God has bestowed beauty on you and you must show attitude…I type. I am swirling in the air and traveling the moon. I already downed three pegs of Whisky and they are playing havoc, making my fingers and thoughts running wild. It’s not me but the drunken soul, sending scraps at length to someone I just met online.
“Aha, someone is feeling romantic now…why should I trust you? We don’t know each other,” I read the scrap.
Regaining my sense, I type back, “I am not saying anything.
She replies at the same time, “Why I am feeling that I should give you a chance?”
“I dunno..May be two innocent hearts are speaking,” I say.
“Aha, you are speaking language of the heart! WoW! It’s incredible that we typed at the same time..aap mood mein hai,” She sends a smiley.
I ponder, ‘Now, should I take it as an affirmative reply?’ She wanna give me a chance, perhaps, to prove my worth to her as her shining armor. The language of the heart is fickle and emotions are trickling down the spine. I feel like dancing.
Suddenly, it started raining heavily outside and memories of my ex-es flash back to the mind. Emotions are complex and how easy we fall in and out of love? There are certain things that are beyond our control and I feel helpless what impact an online picture did to me.
Silent mode!!! I am praying for a miracle, like the Mumbai rain, that she lands up in Mumbai right now. It’s been an hour now and the rain doesn’t seem to stop and may be, it has some power on Swagata. She must be some moody creature, a bit like the rain, splashing on the city when they feel like.
A bright, shiny cover brings my eyes to a halt and, somehow, the book lying on the table caught my attention, ‘The alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. There is something about it and feel compelled to sacrifice Orkut and Swagata for the book. I turn the pages and stumble upon page 22 when something struck me like lightning. “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
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