An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 13

Day 13: This post is written as part of the novella, 'An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 13' for the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014.

Chapter 13:
“So you think you can win my heart by sending Paulo Coelho’s quotes?” Swagata asks.
“Hmm! When someone has already given me her pink shaped heart, I’ll just sit and hold her heart in my hand,” I flirt.
“Yuck!!!! Pink shaped heart, that’s so cheesy, dude, think of a better line. Be more creative with your kiddish pick-up lines, One, Four, Three and all,” She sounds horrified.
“Waise bhi! Someone sent me ‘Brida’ all the way from Hong Kong. What do I make of it?” I quiz her.
She tries to change the conversation, “Ok, enough of quotes. I am demanding a creative and romantic proposal that will charm me.”
I try to act funny, “Girls are made that way only. What??? You expect me to ask you on phone?”
“Yeah, you better do that.”
“Hmm. There is a cute girl whose picture I once saw on Orkut and she tormented me to death, feeling there is a connection between us. I happily hummed mushy songs by the beach and on the highways. People thought I escaped from the mental asylum. Every day, she walks into my dreams to give me sleepless night, coyly whispers sweet nothings in my ears. I realize it’s not a dream when she makes cute faces on scraps, playing crush games, teases and seduces me on phone. I am longing to hold her in my arms, cuddling and kissing her. Please tell her how much I feel for her.”
“Not bad, Mr Karan. I’ll see if I have time to tell her. You are going a bit too fast on phone, cuddling, kissing and all. She hopes that you will be as brave and daring when they meet in Amchi Mumbai.”
“So, she wanna puts me to test?”
“I think she will and already has..to make you propose her in front of every ne. That’s your punishment for coming up with lame pick-up lines, On, Four, Three.”
“Kiss her lips for me.”
“Naughty boy.”
Swagata smooches the phone.
“I want more…I am getting wild right now.”
“Go to hell.”
She hangs up. 

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