Chapter 11: An Orkut Love Story

Day 11: Today's post is written as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014


The conversations were getting too much intimate and personal which raised glares of our common friends, making it a scrap fest that we are seeing each other. It was time to give Orkut a break and shift to Yahoo Chat and sms-es for privacy.
We wanted to give each other space and to be far away from preening eyes. After all, what if things didn’t work out between us? It’s better to feel safe than sorry. We spent hours on phone, calling each, exchanging sms-es for long hours which depleted our phone balance. Long distance calls and love affair is proving to be expensive, whittling down money. But, love is a costly affair which is totally worth it, at least, in our case.
It’s Sunday, past midnight when Swagata calls. “What’s up with you? No party sharty nothing..no Saturday Night Fever, my sunny boy,” She flirted shamelessly.
“No! What party, yaar. Sitting at home and waiting for your call.”
“Aha! So cute. So lover boy is anxiously waiting to hear my sexy voice. Tell na,?”
“I just finished reading a huge portion of The Alchemist and a handful number of pages remaining.”
She bombards me with questions. “What have you learned so far? Do you think our quest for life’s ends with our first love or by fulfilling our material needs?”
“Hmm! You got me, here. Well, I never thought about all these things and guess, someone keeps searching for the ultimate end in life. I wonder why certain things like love and wealth keep eluding us. The book made me wonder why we keep searching for love despite we suffer heart break and vow never to love again.”
She breaks into peals of laughter. “Ab aa gaya line pe tu. You are on the right track, my boy. But, life is so complex, na. For instance, Santiago is anxious about life but he never stops walking miles, battered by injury and bruises to seek the ultimate truth. There is a super power that draws him towards the never-ending journey of life and may be, beyond.”
I intervene, “What do you mean? He will never find light at the end of the tunnel and for how long will he keep searching?
“Well, that’s what life is all about. We never cease searching and after all, we are all seekers in life. Perhaps, we don’t reflect enough on the small things that defines the purpose of existence. Why things   don’t work out for us? In fact, there is a bigger purpose behind every single defeat so that we discover bigger things for our own growth as human beings,” She argues.
I am caught in a maelstrom and wonder whether there is a dead end to life or there is life after death where we keep searching for the light or the shining piece of gold that would make us rich overnight.
“I know what you are thinking but will not spoil the fun or alter the way you are viewing things. First, finish the book and then, I will tell. By the way, there is a surprise….”
“What surprise?”, I am hyper ventilating.
Be patient. I am not telling anything. First finish the book and stop being hyper. Let things flow at its own pace and stop worrying. Bye for now and kisses,” She abruptly hangs up.

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