An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 15

Day 15: This post is written for the novella, 'An Orkut Love Story' as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014.


Chapter 15:   
“Swa… I mean who? Oh! Shit! F*** me..Swagata…U in Mumbai? Why? I mean when?” I stammer.
“I just landed and thought of giving you a call. But, looks like you are sloshed. Your voice is broken….”
“I mean, out of excitement. I didn’t expect a call, so soon.”
“Everything happens so swiftly. I told you na, I love surprising you.”
“Ya! That’s why you didn’t tell me anything,” I try sounding cheerful.
“Kya pata you may just land at the airport to receive me with flowers and chocolates,” She teases me.
“Why would I do that? What makes you think so?”
“Obviously, I know you. I could make out how you were planning to meet me in Mumbai. Finally, I am here. After going through scraps and sms-es, I could decode that I may not be free from a surprise. By the way, Mister have you forgotten what you told me?”
“What?” I became curious.
Images coruscated in my mind during our lengthy conversation past midnight when I almost passed out at Tushar and Tania’s apartment. The latter chided me, “Dude! You are drunk and stop behaving abnormally.” It’s always been like that with me. When I get high on alcohol, I just pick up the phone to buzz Swagata, confessing my love and singing mushy romantic songs.
“Hello! Babe..when you coming to Mumbai..please tell na,” I slurred.
“Are you drunk? Why should I tell you?” She broke into a cackle of laughter.
“Yes! I am drunk on your scent, Baby. Gimme some dash of honey and lime mixed with your beauty,” I suddenly crank up my tone, speaking as if I am bursting into laughter and tears.
“Stop Baby me, will you?”
“Oh! Baby!”
“What? Argghhhh,” She was losing her patience.
“When you come to Mumbai, I will welcome you with drums and flowers at the airport. When are you cominggggggggggg?” I speak-in-a singing tone that would scare Shreya Ghosal to death.
“Arre! Are you mad or what? Uncle and aunty will pick me up and f they see you, they will screw me. You don’t need to know. Now, just shut up.”
“Hello!!! Knock knock, kahan khoye hai Sir-jee,” Swagata ruthlessly breaks the flash back of images that was playing just now.
“No, No, nothing,” I defend myself.
“Going to sleep now..I haven’t been able to sleep during the flight…..listen, will message you, we gotta meet in a day or two. Yeah, I can’t wait..kisses.”
“Love you too, muah muah.”
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