An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 9

Today is Day 9 of Ultimate Blog Challenge, July 2014. I am linking Chapter Nine of my novella 'An Orkut Love Story' to the challenge.

Chapter 9:

I’ve been skipping college for the past few days to whine days and evenings at Barista, Dadar near Shivaji Park. Nopes! I am not into some chick missions, desperately hunting for a date or asking someone out considering the bevy of superhot chicks lining up for coffee, dating , mating. I don’t play hunter anymore.
Sitting like a fairly good boy, which by the way I am not, I order a hot cappuccino and voraciously reading Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist. After all, I gotta impress someone on the virtual world with my knowledge of the world of Coelho, quotes and discussion on the path of a seeker.
I gulped three cups of Capuccino, turning pages to run the race against time. After all, I have to impress Swagata with my knowledge of an Alchemist’s life. Armed with pen, I am underlying every single quote I come across and making notes on a white sheet of paper, like a scholar, dissecting a best-selling novel. Life is such an irony. In my whole life, I’ve never studied for an exam like that, reflecting about things that may not matter for a happy-go-lucky guy like me.
Never thought that a woman would make me go extra miles to read, turn pages and come back to make sense of paragraphs, pages and chapters. I should do my Ph.d on Alchemist if I ever reach this stage in my life. Now! I am getting all kind of crazy ideas of weaving a novel about love, online chat and Orkut. Swagata has been successful where my parents failed, whipping my ass with love and emotions, to make me study. Thankfully, it’s a novel and not some stupid academic textbooks.
This is getting weird. I am finding myself getting drawn into this novel and suffering from mental agony and withdrawal symptom. I am not answering phone calls and frantic messages, asking, whether I’ve been kidnapped by some underworld goons in Mumbai. For the past 48 hours, Orkut ceased to exist for me and suddenly I have a new life revolving around book, coffee and, of course, Swagata. I am doing this for whom? Am I in love? Or, is this a passing phase in life, getting attracted to someone I will meet soon? First, I gotta impress her and I am super confident of winning Swagata’s heart after lapping up 150 pages in two days.
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