An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 19

Day 19: This post is written as part of the prompt, 'An Orkut Love Story' for Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014.

The sky suddenly turns cloudy and drizzle precipitates the atmosphere. It’s God sent and help break our silence as we exchange romantic smiles, helping to destroy unhappiness caused by Phattu. We find ourselves playing footsie and holding hands at CCD, sea-facing at Chowpatty.
Swagata seductively removed her sandals, holding them in her right hand and forcefully drags me away from the boisterous coffee atmosphere. We cross the maddening traffic as she ran towards the beach, soaking her feet in the sand. We splash our feet in the cold water, holding hands and she leans her head towards me, giving me the expression, ‘I am so desirable.’
She plays with her curls, asking, “Kya karne ka Irada hai (What do you want to do?)”
“Let’s smooch.”
It brought a smile on her face. “Aha! You are in mood and it seems to be the best option in this lusty weather. We cannot do it in the cold water.”
“Yeps! As it is, we cannot sprint to the drug store to buy a pack of Moods condom and come back again to do it in full public glare.”
“Why?” She mischievously quizzes me. “You fear it may affect your endurance by running and comeback. Hey, I have an idea!”
“What?” I ask
“Why don’t you strip in the water? I can’t hold myself, right now and wanna see you naked. Worry not! No one, except me, will see you flaunting your ass..ets a la John Abraham in Dostana. For my eyes only.”
An old man whooshes past us and pretends to relish the cold water, horribly singing, ‘Thande Thande Paani Mein Nahana Chahiye, Gaana Aaye Na Aaye Gana Chahiya (Hindi song, one should bath in cold water, sing a song even if we don’t know singing). It didn’t take us long to figure out that he is a snoopy dirty-kinda-peeping-Tom trying to leer at Swagata and peeping at her bosom. She whispers into my ear, “Let’s teach old man a lesson.” I wink at her.
Let’s start: One, Two, Three, Four. We deck our heads inside the water, gaped for breath and yowled.  We hit the maximum volume as we pushes with all our might the energy level, “Ooh! Aaah! Ooh!! Ahh!” as Swagata faked a moan, almost jeering, “Oh! It’s so good, baby and want more, push push, Ooh!la!la!” I run out of breath, shouting, “Now, wait! I am so tired and ooh! la! La! Now, are you feeling it?” Swagata takes charge, “Ah! Ah! I want more.”
Poor old man! He grew shit scared and cruised his way outside the water with a horrified look on his face. I shout at his direction, “Oh! Dirty uncle! Wait! You have forgotten to pee in the sea.”
We broke into a hoot and ended up, sneezing badly inside the sea water which penetrated our nostrils. Oh! Lord! I feel I was dying in the obsession to teach the schmuck a lesson.
We walked back to CCD and before leaving for home, Swagata dons a serious look, “Tomorrow, I need to discuss something serious with you and we need to deal with it in a mature way.”
I anxiously ask, “What’s it’s all about?”
She is adamant, “Tomorrow. I don’t want to spoil the fun we just had.”
We kissed each other, our lips melting and our tongues swirling its way to heavenly passion.
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