An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 22

Day 22: This prompt is written as part of Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014.


This is the story of Hasee Sukhi Parivaar (Happy and smiling family). It is story of Rahul, creative director in an ad agency and Sunanda, managing a content website, based in Delhi. They have a doting and cute daughter who is pretty like a doll. They first met on Orkut, fell in love over Coffee at Taj Hotel Colaba and got hitched in Delhi. One thing is not sure who sent the friend request first and till date they keep fighting like cats and dogs with Pehle Aap syndrome, Kushal tells.
It’s like sending the tennis ball in each other’s court on who first sent the friend request. But, they met on Orkut, scrapped and love each other to no end. So, boy! Take heart and after all, your love story may not go Kaput just because it’s Orkut.
I ask, “Hell dude! Are you narrating me someone else love story to soothe my nerves or just doing time pass?
Kushal tells, “Nahin, bro. It’s a real love story and a match made in heaven. Both of them are very charming, funny people who always have a smile on their faces. Hua yeh as I am telling, someone sent someone a friend request but end up putting the blame on each other since it got to do with their sweet ego. It’s the only conflict that ever exist between the cuddling couple a bit like Jaipur se nikli gaadi pehle
Dilli challe halle…pehle aap pehle aap (The train slowly leaves Jaipur for Delhi). It’s You Not Me.”
Our Haasi Sukhi Parivaar fought with parents like hell to get married since Sunanda’s Dad is in the army and the moment she heard about Orkut love, he raised a storm in the house. Now, the next question is how he found out about the love story.
Sunanda wrote the name of Rahul in the bathroom, singing romantic songs on the top of her voice and would spend two hours day dreaming while the water tap would be running in. So, her army Dad wondered what’s his dear daughter is doing in the bathroom and he got the shock on his life when he saw a huge scribbling O for Orkut in Red and the name of Rahul decorating the walls. After all, why would a daughter do that?”
“Then?” I eagerly ask. I take a cigarette drag and ask, “So, her Dad found out?”
“Yeah. Both set of parents were dead against Orkut love but finally relented when Rahul and Sunanda threatened to run away..you see, no break up, nothing of that sort happened nor black magic by parents to stand on their way. It’s better to pack them away rather than facing the risk of seeing them elope coz khandaan ke naakh ka sawaal hai (bringing disrepute to the family honor.”
“You mean they never fight or what? Kya love story hai yaar..chutiya (Hindi cuss word) you wasted my time. At least agar dono mein fight hota (If they fought or broke up), at least I could have borrowed a cue to sort out things with Swagata, na!”What’s with the name, Hasee Sukhi Parivaar?
“Arre wohi nah, itna cute couple hai keep disagreeing with each other on who made the first Orkut move. Rahul refuses to accept till now that it was him who sent the famous friend request and first scrap while Sunanda shouts on every roof that it’s not her. But, they always kiss and make up. After fighting with each other over Orkut ka friend request, they click smiling pictures with each other and thus the name, Hasee Sukhi Parivar finds its way on Orkut.

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