An Orkut Love Story: Chapter Six

Today is Day Six. I am linking chapter six of the e-novella, 'An Orkut Love Story.' to  Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014.

Chapter Six
“Kuch toh bol..anything na? (Say something na?),” Swagata greets me.
Kya baaki rehegaya (What’s there to speak about?,” I put on a sullen act/
“Abe! Tu Amitabh Bachchan ke fan hai….angry young man? Is your life over and hell bent to take revenge on me? Arre!! Sorry yaar, please, please,” She pleads with a smiley, J
“Hmm! Are you playing Kaun Banega Crorepathi with me?,” I lighten up.
“You have three options, send me a nice gentlemanly scrap, accept my friendship or sing a song,” She playfully says.
“Well, in that case, I’ll choose all three of them.”
Swagata calls me a good boy. Wait! I made the shift from bad to good boy in her heart. I wonder whether she’s the incarnation of the monsoon and, as it is, no one has been able to gauge the mood of women, who can turn into Phoolan Devi (Bandit Queen) and the girl-next-door in no time.
“What are you doing?,” She asks.
“Nothing much, re. Guess I’ll pick up a book at my friends’ apartment in Parel.”
“Which one? ,” She eagerly asks.
“Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist”
“What a shame?, ” She remarks.
“Dude! It’s a fab book and it seems you just woke up from the dead. The Alchemist is a treasure, a gem that you should have read, ages ago. Better late than never,” she hurls her wisdom at me.
“Hmm! yeah, yeah. I know I am speaking to a fine and cultured intellectual ahead of her times. Hong Kong must be thanking their stars for having you to spread your cup of knowledge,” I tease her.
She sends a scrap, telling, “I am feeling flattered at such words of praise.”
“Kya scene hai aaj,” I ask.
“Koi bhi scene nahin. I gotta catch up with some friends in the city at the café, then, meet Mom and Dad. I may plan a visit to my cousins’ place in Mumbai, very soon.”
I can’t contain my excitement and overjoyed that finally I’ll get to meet her.
She scraps, “Don’t be so happy.” Swagata is speaking as if she can see me jumping around.
“Hey, gotta go,” I write.
“Then go, who is stopping you,” she tries to rile me.
“Yeah! I’m going and you sit, biting your nails,” I reply back.
“Why should I sit, nursing my wounds? Okay! Go. Let me know how you find The Alchemist,” She signs off.
“Miss ya..kisses for the night.”
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