An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 20

Today is Day 20: This post, 'An Orkut Love Story' is linked to Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014.


I was running late to meet Swagata who waited for almost 40 minutes at Mc Donald at Bandra. First, there was this mad traffic and when I reached Bandra, I hastily dropped in the café to check my Orkut scrap. I thought that I’ll just log in for five minutes but the stupid, slow net connection made me lose time.
“How come you are so late?” Swagata asks.
“I hopped on to check my Orkut. I was waiting to check a scrap from a friend about something but net connection was slow. Sorry, yaar,” I defend myself.
She shrugs, “That’s okay. But, dude, there is a life beyond Orkut and why can’t you live without it. We have all become narcissists in the making and internet has taken over our lives and we are all slaves. Our world revolves around Orkut. I, somehow, feel it’s a fad that will slowly disappear.”
I let it pass. I feel that Orkut can never disappear and wonder what will happen to the whole world who   are hooked to it. I didn’t continue the debate on the life span of Orkut.
We ordered Beef burgers and Strawberry milkshake. Swagata took a bite of the burger and says, “I wanted to tell you something in a very honest way. I mean, we are dating for fun and I am enjoying every moment spent together, right from the time we met on Orkut and hanging out together, kissing, holding hands and making love.”
“Yeah so?”
“Please, don’t take it badly,” She pleads.
I kept silent for a while, takes a sip of Strawberry milk shake as she fixes her gaze on me, waiting for a reaction.
I became restless. “I am listening Swagata.”
“You know anything can happen in a relationship. In three months, I’ll be back to Hong Kong and you will stay here in Mumbai. I don’t want to take load with this relationship. It’s just that this thing shouldn’t affect our lives and let’s be happy in enjoying each other’s company for the moment. I hate those intense stuffs in life and we shouldn’t build too much expectation about each other or spending the rest of our existence together like mushy romance shown in films.”
Swagata pumps in the bullet in my chest. “As it is, we will not be with each other forever and let’s make memories by giving each other space. I just want to be sure about things with you. Sorry, yaar if I am hurting you but it’s the truth.” She is feeling so guilty telling me this.
I chortle that it raised a few eye brows, turning around to look at us. “WoW! You are sounding like a tragedy Queen. Itni si baat (Such a small thing)! Why get into the serious love shuv, passionate affair to complicate our lives and after all, we are too young to let these things affect our career.”
She expressed relief, Thank God, a burden is lifted off my head and hugs me.
I concealed my true feeling inside. The truth is I am falling in love with Swagata every single day and just acted like the cool dude not to make her feel guilty about her words and to hide the feeling of being rejected. The day may come! I can’t help feeling dejected.

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