An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 21

DAY 21: This prompt, 'An Orkut Love Story' is written as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014.

I am facing withdrawal symptom and gradually cutting myself from the world of Swagata. She called last night to fix a movie date and I lied to her, telling that I am going to meet my Nani (Grand-mother) in Pune since she is ill.
I lied because her last words of not expecting too much from each other came as a blow to me. Swagata’s words ratcheted up tension on my mind and suddenly, I feel insecure that we may not be, after all, made for each other.  I am spending the week end at Kushal and Tanya’s apartment, seeking solace in alcohol and getting drown in my own world. I was getting aloof.
“Hell, where are you, dude? I asked how Swagata is doing and you didn’t even reply. Are you alright?” Tania shouts, on the top her voice. I was shaken by the volume of her voice, shouting at me as I try to defend myself. “No! No! I am fine.” Sensing my discomfort, Tushar says, “Chill dude, I am sure something is wrong between you and Swagata. Tell us.” Tania adds, “See! We know something not right and we know you too well. So, stop putting a façade of I am cool type.”
I finally narrated the sobbing story when Swagata’s words pierced my heart like an arrow. “Loser,” Tania chides me. I look at her, shocked as Tushar intervenes, “Come on, Babe. Stop being so hard on him.”
“Obviously,” she curtly replies. “Swagata is practical. I mean, why take load at a fun relationship and screw your own life? Who gets married on Orkut? Dude! Enjoy your life, have fun and get laid. Don’t make it a shitty messy and as it is, she got her own life in Hong Kong.”
I am feeling dejected right now with strong words spelled out by one of the persons I call my own, Tania in a big city where many dread loneliness. Tushar made a large peg of whisky for me and out of the blue says, “Chalo, dude. Ignore her. I’ll tell you the love story of two of my friends who got hitched on Orkut.” The words left Tania fuming and protesting over Tushar’s ‘ignoring her’ kinda statement. She walks to her room.
“Listen, if you really serious, you gotta woo Swagata and go easy on her. Haan, we will call them, ‘Hasee Sukhi Parivar’ who met and fell in love on Orkut. Today, they have a lovely son and both of them relentlessly argue on who sent a friend request first. So chill and enjoy the real story and enjoy your drink.”

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