An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 30

Day 30: This post is written as a novella, 'An Orkut Love Story' for the prompt, Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014.


September 30, 2014

I walk inside the boisterous café Leopold, swarmed by the typical South Mumbai crowd, hip n hop local and foreign alike. I scout for Vijay Uncle but there is no sign of him. I settle at the right corner, close to the entrance door, facing the horde of hawkers selling fake branded stuffs. I order a King Fisher Strong beer and lit a cigarette.

A tall, bespectacled man in his 40s, wearing Dolce and Gabbana tee and Blue Denims, approaches me, ‘Karan?” I nod. He offers me a tight handshake, introducing himself as ‘Vijay.’ I was expecting to meet an old man, nearing 60 plus but Vijay uncle tells me that he is the younger brother of Swagata’s Mum. We order a huge beer pitcher and it didn’t take long for our conversation to veer towards Swagata.

He opens his laptop and asks, “Log on your Orkut account. Remember, today is September 30. It’s the last day to hang on Orkut and tomorrow, it will be buried in history.” He eyes me, “Okay, transfer your precious document to Google drive. I already saved Swagata’s stuffs on Orkut. Both of you have made history by falling in love on Orkut and high time to take things to the next level.  Make it a symbolic Orkut love story.”
“But, Vijay, Swagata is engaged to Tarun,” I protest. 
“We called off the engagement. This idiot was two-timing her with other women. But, listen, it’s quite a story,” Vijay Uncle pats me on the back.

“Tarun is obsessed with him own image and nurture the false impression that he can buy Swagata’s love by the power of money. You know what asshole was doing? If Swagata stops at the mall to gush about a sexy dress, Tarun would force her to accept it as gift. If she needs to go somewhere, he would order a brand new car that would land at her door step. The ass was forcing gifts down her throat. Once, they were on a date and Swagata was telling that she is planning to get herself a new I-phone, well, you can take a guess. Designer shoes, expensive watches and air tickets would land at her door steps.

Few girls walk inside Leopold. Vijay winks at me, “Hot chicks, na. Dude! That’s the perk of being a bachelor at 40.” He gulps his beer. “I am very close to my niece. I know her too well to say that she cannot live without you. Tarun was suffocating her with his obsession. I knew, right in the beginning, that something was not normal and got some men to follow this fool. He was playing the same game with not one but several girls. We caught him red handed.”

 “This bastard is so shameless that she asked Swagata to give back all his gifts. I slapped him..bloody chutiya,” Vijay uncle suddenly became all charged.

Tomorrow is Sunday and Swagata will be home all night. We will sneak inside the house and, at midnight, you just pop inside the room to surprise her on Orkut’s last day. It’s time to fall in love all over again. We clink glasses and drink merrily.
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