An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 16

Day 16: I am linking this post in the novella, 'An Orkut Love Story' as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014

Chapter 16:

The coffee shop, Barista, at Chowpatthy opposite the beach is teeming with the average college crowd and cuddling couples whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. As I plod my steps, I almost hit a nervous break-down, looking around furtively and walking out to light a cigarette. Smoking helps to beat the stress when I meet someone in anticipation and I can feel my heart beat, ‘Oh! Swagata! What to do? Shake hands, giving a peck on her cheek or just a hi….
The phone is buzzing and Swagata’s number flashed, “Have you reached? I am sitting inside, wearing blue jeans and pink tee.” I scampered my way inside and my heart went amok with excitement when I saw a cute girl, playing with her hair falling on the face and toggling with cellphone. She looks like a dream beautifully weaved like perfect snow and sent on earth to dangerously flirt with the hearts of wandering souls like me. I wonder, ‘Where on earth they make such beautiful woman?”
She saw me and waved, flashing her teeth and I almost stumbled on a chair, tripping my way towards her, taking along a middle aged man, on our way down. The timely reflex saved both of us to crash on the floor. The man sniggers at me as my sorry is met with a forced smile, “That’s okay, young man.”
I take a seat and offer a handshake to her, dying to caress the palm of her flawless skin. What she just did, took me by surprised? She thrusts her slim body over the table to plant a peck on my cheek. “H-e-y,” I stammered. Sensing my nervousness, Swagata pricks the skin on my palm. “Easy,dude. How do I look? ,” She asks with a sensual smile.
I regained my composure, “Aha! Pink. How was your flight?”
“I like to wear pink once-in-a while for a change. Flight was good but tiring. Can’t sleep during flights..in fact, hate them.”
“Hmm!” I am at a loss of words and fidgeting with the menu card. We sat in silence for five long minutes, I am feeling suffocated and she pretends to play with her hair plait. “So,” she says, breaking the ice. “Say something, na. Why so silent?”
We started speaking about our respective lives in Mumbai and Hong Kong, family life, friends, silly jokes and excruciating heat in the city.
“Any girl-friend?,” She asks.
I smile, “I am dating someone and she is sitting right in front of me.”
“Oh! Are we dating? Really?,” She innocently asks.
I blush, “Yeah! Of course.”
We turn our faces away, to avoid seeing into each other’s gaze. I peep at her from the right corner of the eye to steal a moment at her sparkling face.
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