An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 28

Day 28: This chapter for 'An Orkut Love Story' is written as part of the prompt Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014


“I don’t know what you think about me? Trust me, it is as tough for me as it is for you to let go,” Swagata’s voice chokes with emotion.
She is on the verge of crying for the past one hour, finally broke down to tears and we avoided eye contact with each other during our conversation. “You must be thinking that I am a weak person. Perhaps, you are right. I don’t have the strength to say no to my parents and go through the whole shit.”
I nod in approval. I don’t think that I nurture any strength to make her see reason to carry on with this long distance relationship. I observe, “There is no point discussing things that are not meant to be.”
She bobs her head, “You were drunk yesterday. I know you are nursing your wounds. Love is a complex emotion where we miraculously grow attached to someone. I know, we don’t need any reason to love. It just happens. As they say, there is a reason for every pain caused by the heart and it’s better to lose in love than never having loved at all.”
“Let’s grow in love rather than feel rejected by this devil called heart break,” Swagata tries to console me. “It will take us a while to get out of it but we will, if we go with the flow. I believe that someone, may be a greater power or guardian angel, is watching over us and will lift us, only if we allow it. Love comes in different forms.”
“Guess, you are right, Swagata. One should always go with the flow in this journey called life. After all, we are all seekers. This is what Paulo Coelho tells,” I try to ease the tension.
We hug and kiss. Perhaps, it’s destiny’s last kiss.

Six months later:
I started dating a couple of girls after Swagata moved to Hong Kong but I feel something was missing in my life. I feel so incomplete without ‘her.’ Occasionally, I gleaned through Swagata’s profile and almost got a heart attack when I saw her engagement pictures with Tarun. I de-activated my Orkut’s profile. 

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