An Orkut Love Story: Chapter Three

The post, Chapter Three, is written on Day three as part of Ultimate Blog Challenge July 2014.

Chapter 3

We woke up almost at noon inside Kushal and Tanya’s, road-facing apartment at Parel and grabbed coffee, sitting on the balcony. I am enjoying the highway view from the balcony and my eyes are fixed on the high way, watching the blue-and-yellow cabs, BEST buses and vehicles zooming, amid, the blaringly loud horns.
Kushal is excited to see the picture of Swagata on Orkut and convinces me in no time to log in, not before I add him and Tanya. Her name flashes on the lap top with a scrap. ‘WoW’, I almost jump with joy and shrieking, ‘Swagata has accepted your request…Swagata wrote on your scrap.’ I turn towards Kushal to smile sheepishly. “Hi, do we know each other?, ” she wrote.
Hmm! What to write?,’ I ask. I start typing, “Hey..thanks for accepting my friend request and almost hit the send button when Kushal stopped me. “Dude! It is so lame and boring. Don’t!”
I fidget on the key board to ask, “What do you want me to write?”
“Reply,” Tanya corrected me from behind. “She asked a question.”
Both Tushar and I are at a loss of words, our self-claimed gentlemanly charm failed us big time. The lady came to the rescue and starts typing, then deleting, lighting a cigarette in between, “F***’, I dunno why I am getting into the whole business of flirting with a woman. For sure, I am not lesbian.”
We break into splinter of laughter. “Yeah, yeah, both of you laugh but your creative battery is swirling and hanging in the air like balloons,” She chides us.
She takes a deep drag and start typing, “Nopes…we don’t know each other. But, we can get to know each other..as it is when the world was created, no one knew each other but hearts brought people together. Let’s get to know each other….what say?”
Swagata replies, “Hmm! Mr Philosopher, what do you do in life and where you are from?”
Tanya types, “Master’ student in Mumbai and you?”
Sapnon ki Rani scraps back, “A true blue Mumbai girl, living in HK and studying art. I come to Mumbai on and off.”
Over to you, Tanya hands me the lap top as she moves away from me. ‘What to scrap now?, I wonder. Should I or should I not? Finally, I type, “Swagata, niceee name…unique and appealing.”
“Thank you,” she types as fast as the scrap reaches her.
Ok! I decide to ask, no matter what it’ll take. “Hey! Drop me your phone number, na and let’s be friends, getting to know each other.
Five minutes, ten minutes…no scrap. Finally, the scrap flashes on the screen, “Abhi abhi mile hai, dosti door ki baat hai (We just met, friendship is faraway).
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