Dreams are dreams, tale of a straggling life

I feel that I am lacking behind in life. I feel that my college pals have moved far ahead in life while I am lagging behind. Gosh! Why do I feel like that? I have seen my college mates starting their own PR or advertising companies and rising in the corporate world, raking the moolah.
The thing is that I wanna move ahead in life but there are days when I feel that I am stuck somewhere in a rut. It's not like I am not enjoying what I am doing and in fact, I am passionate about my work. I have worked in the print media for almost three years and this is something I enjoyed to the hilt. The problem is that nowadays, I am growing hyper and consistently worried about my career and worrying with the, What Ifs? What if I don't make it? What if, I am not able to pursue my dreams and move to a place where I am comfortable and happier in my life? There are lotsa apprehensions in life. I keep wondering whether I will be able to make it and I constantly compare my life to that of my friends who are flourishing.
Their bank balances are flourishing, they have bought high end cars and flats and me..Still a struggler and fighting to prove myself in today's competitive world and better, don't speak about my bank balance. I am literally broke. Savings is very less, if not almost zero, have some EMI and a huge loan chunk. It's not that I will not be able to make it and I am pretty confident that I will make it happen in the city of dreams and the land I truly belong to. At the end of the day, I am tempted to ask, is it really worth all the pains in the world.
But, dreams are dreams as they say, if you don't have the courage to pursue your dreams, don't go after them. I still vividly remember this dialogue from Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai and these are the words told by Jackie Shroff to Abhishek Bachchan.
Should I really compare myself to people and friends who have moved ahead in life? Or, should I go with the flow? I sometimes ask myself whether I should be calm, composed and patient as things will happen with time. I am hopeful and let's see, how things move on. But, but, such thoughts keep lingering, they have made it, you haven't..yet we started at the same time in life.
Good Night


Huma said...

Hey Vishal,
Dare to dream and strive to make it happen;
Give it your best shot rather then just wait for it to happen;

Hope u achieve your dreams

Unknown said...

Never fear and never give up on your dreams!
All the best :)