Perfect Dream and Life

Wrapping the blanket on the body, I curled on the cosy bed.
The room is cold and I put the lights off.
Putting the best seller novel aside, I close my eyes.
In the flick of time, I am transported in dreams.
A magic spell cast its shadow as I am brought in the chamber of secrets that unfurl itself.
I am delighted with my mouth and eyes wide open.
It's wonderland smeared by magic.
I am living a fantasy life.
There is so much love around me, cupid strikes and everything is made of gold.
I love the shining stones that is thrust open me.
Men and women are good and selfless.
The angels hold me tenderly.
All of a sudden, my head is jerked upward.
I open my eyes and the magic has waned out.
I am surrounded by fellow passenger, deep in slumber, in the plane.
Fuck! Why I need to be woken up and thrust to grim realities of life.
If Life was a perfect dream!

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