Thursday's 100 Post and beyond

Writing a test paper is the most excruciating, painful and horrendous exercise that may have happened in my life. I abhored writing examination and loathe the tedious process of sitting in an examination hall for a good three hours. I just hated that, no matter how much I loved the subject. It's a traumatic scene.
I re-visited writing a test today and it was online test for a content-based website that I stumbled, courtesy a good friend of mine. All it took was five minutes to apply and upload my CV for a freelance job where I received a link to complete a test to determine whether I am eligible to write for the website. The fun part was that I was sitting in the room and write at leisure 250 words for 90 minutes. I finished the test in some 45 minutes and submitted. I felt so good within and exuded a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. Perhaps, schools and colleges should consider the idea of giving students the opportunity to do written test online and within the confine of their own comfort zone..hey i'm kidding, okie.
So, waiting for the results and fingers crossed. I shall blog at length when the results come.
Good Night
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