What Am I Thinking Right Now?

1. Been in retrospection mode for almost a fortnight. I do not really subscribe to the view that we become wise after the events. Never mind, a lil bit of thinking in the middle of the night doesn't harm.

2. I just downed a hot cuppa tea and I am tempted for another cup to make the mind more agile. Tea helps us to think as it has the effect of wracking the brains like my countless yoga classes. Still, do it at your own risk since in my case, tea always helps in the middle of the night.

3. I am happy to keep away from RedBull for quite some time now. As they say, old habits die hard but I was a victim of circumstances and I wonder at the magical long break from the energy drink.

4. I am gearing up for new challenges in life but also worried at whether I'll be able to make it happen in life. Though, it's just a matter of time and why the heck do we worry so much about things in life, I often ask myself.

5. Just watched Special 26 and it's indeed a different-kinda movie or what we call in Mumbai, hatke style.  It's been long I haven't watched a movie and today, I renew with my DvD's and such kind of movies should come more often. I love the suspense, though predictable at times but I feel Akshay Kumar should act in more intelligent movies like this one. It is definitely a superb era in Hindi cinema.

6. I am actually thinking of writing a love letter, in its traditional way of expressing love to an unknown girl. Wait! Hasn't the old-fashioned love died? Cookies: It could be my next blog title. Idea hojaya toh duniya mast hojaye...

7. I gotta clean my room that ressemble a gutter. Even the garbage service provided by Bombay Municipal Corporation will refuse to enter the room to chuck out stuffs. How lame I've been with my personal space? Well, that's me.

8. Time to hit the sack now at the risk of thinking 100 things and make this post heavy like a long monologue. Yes! I am having my cuppa tea. Tempting Taj Mahal tea:)

Truly Yours

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