At Peace, Finally Living Life

Peace be flinged on me.
I am an eternal romantic, jumping from one place to another.
An eternal lazy cowboy, enjoying the chillum.
It's a relaxing atmosphere as I enjoy doing nothing.
I am feeling so peaceful inside.

Wassup folks? I've tendered my resignation at the company and enjoying every bit of the major difficult decision I took. Since I need to give one month notice, I am taking my remaining local and sick leaves and it's my first week of staying at home, blogging alternatively on both blogs, reading books and magazines. I have never felt so much at peace with myself and glad I trusted my sixth sense to resign as a reporter.
It all happened that the newspaper whom I cherished working and where I was emotionally attached closed and some of us were shifted to a different department which I obviously did not like. After dilly-dallying and mulling over my state of being unhappy, one fine day I decided to submit my resignation since it does not make sense staying in a place where I will growl with frustration. It is better to stay with a job for a month or so than being unhappy. But, it's another thing that I notched a job in the days that followed. But, plenty of time before I join the new work place.
I am feeling so free to indulge in stuffs that I love doing..you name it, you get it..DvD movies, reading novels, blogging yeah of course, reading magazines stuffs and what's not. How can I forget that I gotta clean the room and declutter stuffs that are not needed. I am loving every minute of stay put till late and waking late without being least worried of rushing to office and meeting deadlines. It's like cherry on the cake. I am also looking forward to pen my novel which I started long time back and few short films scripts. It's an amazing moment where I can afford the luxury to introspect over life, elaborate future plans in life. It makes sense when you are a bachelor and there is no pressure on your life whatsoever. It's a terrific time.
There was a moment when I felt that life was culled to nought when we heard that the company decided to close the newspaper. I agree that I took a long time to get out of the feeling and situation that remained to be digested. I am still recovering from the after shocks but it's much better now as the extended holidays has been something good and very positive. Well! I am feeling much better and in a recovery sort of process.
I am geared to positive-thought process and I am relishing the prospect of waking up late, lazing around and have nothing to worry about in life. I have slogged my ass for almost three years and I could not afford myself time to do things I love doing. It was a one-shot drive to work, home and then work. It was madness and in a way it's good that I am now able to give  'me-time' and be at peace, albeit, doing things at leisure and at my own pace. It is such a beautiful feeling where I can afford to sit and relax. But, one good thing about my previous job is that I was able to go for my holidays in Mumbai, Pune and Goa and hopefully, I shall travel again in December.
Till then, see ya
New Kid.

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