Rantings Lagey Raho

It's been a pretty lame day when every possible plan fell apart. It's not that I am not enjoying my break, as I call it, from work but was planning to work on my novel, indulge in quite a bit of reading and I dunno what. But, my laziness overpowered everything that matters.
On the good side, I started with few pages of Rohinton Mistry's Tales from Firozsha Baag based on lives of Parsis in old Bombay. I love Mistry's narrative style on the life he experienced in Bombay and the start gives an indication of the joy ride. I am hopping from one tale on Bombay to another as I just finished Vikram Chandra's Love and Longing in Bombay which is an amazing collection of short stories in entirely different settings. Bombay or Mumbai, the city intringues me even more since I stayed and loved the city for more as I yearns for new experiences in the city. I am planning to relocate back to Mumbai next year and I've worked out quite a bit of plan. I hope this plan does not fall through, so lets see. But, I am confident that the plan will finally take shape since lately, I have started to believe in magical surprises in life.
I watched Zero Dark Thirty based on the killing of Al Quaeda Leader, Osama Bin Laden and the film is not bad but it does not go without saying that it is entirely the US point of view. The movie do get heavy at some point and the tedious narrative seeps through from time to time. On the whole, it is a well made flick with some brownie points.
I am forever on Gchat and it's actually one of the best things that ever happened as it brings friends closer. Social media has and remains the icing on the cake as you are spared high mobile costs. It's like a big 'date' where you know pals will be around and it actually strengthen the bond of friendship. It's a big boon and solace which is not pleasing to naysayers. What I enjoyed the most is how Gchat has facilitated my professional times when I would stay and work from home. This is something that I could not have imagined perhaps in the wildest dreams.
It's been raining heavily today and the room is being kept cool which makes it easy to concentrate and buckle one's mind to something. This has eased my writing process and I think at this time I sit and continue with my reading stuffs, work out other stuffs and let's see if I can replace time lost in staying idle during the day.
Till then, bye bye, alvida and ta-ta-ta
Cya soon

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