Figment of creative imagination

The brazen image on the canvas hogged the eyes of the doer.
So enamored was he with the artistic creation, he couldn't help feeling that he is one of the character.
The artist took breathtaking pain in conveying the right expression through the brush strokes.
She is an artist blessed with creative freedom, has no qualm in offending the right wings and ultra conservatives.
She was prosecuted, harassed and made political scapegoat.
Her depiction of love and sex between the lovers sent tizzy to a society afflicted by intellectual deficiency.
Her paintings were burned in public forums as she waged a long battle to get her due.
She was made the villain in newspapers and TV channels.
Fellow artistes fear to show their support to her.
Finally, she won her battle as anger subsided.
Little did he know what she went through, the period of emotional turmoil that tore her world apart.
He felt a cosmic connection with the unknown artist, felt the image conveyed on the canvas.
He bought the painting at an exorbitant price that defied human logic.
As the huge drawing was placed in his dining hall, the food on the plate was left unconsumed.
He was consumed by the image and it prevented him from indulging in his daily chores.
He was drawn by the painting and the designer.
Who was the designer, he racked his brain.
After all, there is much sorrow and pain beyond love-making and lust.
Was it an expression of the life she has undergone?
He pondered on her tumultuous past.
After all, he burned in the passion of love as he tried revisiting his past.
Who said creation is a figment of imagination?!


Ten (+1) Crazy Things To Do On Valentine Day

Love is an oxymoron.
As the clock struck midnight, cupid strike ringing the bell of 'Valentine Day.'
The L word is spreading like balloons fluttered in the air.
Love is spread everywhere, bringing dollops of joy and happiness.
Happy Valentine Day.

How to spice up your Valentine Day and make it a unique and memorable affair?

1. Pull up all the old curtains and throw in the washing machine. Put up red colored curtains, bed sheets in the room and let the world know it's Valentine Night.

2. Turn off the lights in the room and designed the room with the beautiful red candles. Even in the dark, surprise your love with the valentined candles and add spark to your love life.

3. If you are single and looking for love, romance, lust and sex start penning a rom-com novel speaking about your own love story, sexcapades and first love. It's the perfect time to start on V Day and next on Valentine, it can earn you so many male fans if you are a babe and female fans if you are dude. Who knows you can find your Valentine in the form a fan? V-Day is all about being hopeful and never say a blatant no to love and amazing, sizzling sex.

4. This Valentine lie in the arms of each other..lie naked and read romantic books like Eric Seagel's Lover Story, Time Traveler's wife, I too Had a Love Story, 40 Rules of Love, Chetan Bhagat's Two States or Love, Life and All That Jazz by Ahmed Fayez. Howzz bout lying naked in bed and reading the love stories?! Tempting isn't it?

5. Surprise your lover..open the most expensive wine or champagne bottle and pull the lights off..Just you and your lover, red candle, wine bottle..some cuddling and kissing. Switch off the cell phone, disconnect the internet and the landline. Make the V Day sound as if there is no tomorrow and it's your last night together.

6. Smear cakes one each other's faces and go dirty this valentine. I am not telling to get dirty by rolling into mud water but what's the harm in smudging choco cakes over each other's faces. After all, it's the season of love.

7. Party hard like an animal, jump and rock the dance floor by holding each other's tight and embrace. Take a bit of each other's lips. Nobody does it better than Valentine lovers.

8. Make sizzling love and amazing sex at the back of the car. Make your sex memorable and wild and finish it off in the room. Get it real wild and soar each other's body temperature. It will be the sex of your life and absolute sinful pleasure.

9. Rent a romantic DvD and watch together by holding each other. You name it, you get it..the classic DDLJ or Pretty Woman or Dirty Dancing and Cocktail, why not for some frolicking fun.

10. Finally, celebrate with a cake and if you in a serious relationship, hide a ring in the birthday cake with her name written on the cake. She will come straight to you with a hug as you steal a precious kiss.

11. Add cherry to the cake or salt to injury whichever way you make it to be: Wear each other's clothes..well! err! kidding I know ma dirty mind is at work and I'm no David Beckham and my gal is no Posh spice gal.

Happy Valentine Day
Make Love not war


The death of letter?!

Remember the times when we would hold the cramped letters between our fingers and run down the blue ink, agog with excitement on the news that traveled across the seas. It was the time when a cousin and a pen pal would write to us. That was the time when there was no e-mail, sms, G-chat or facebook. Despite social networking site has reduced the distance across country or border, I feel that no social media can replace the joy of reading a letter or receiving a birthday or New Year Greeting card.
I still remember the times when, as kids, we would accompany our pop and mom to the market to select a beautifully designed greeting card or writing pad to bring home. I would nice sit and chose the best pen to put my thoughts black-and-white on paper. Great care would be taken to fold the letter in the envelope and write the address in my best ever handwriting. I would walk my way to the post and as I stick the stamp and slide the envelope inside, there would be a feeling of immense  satisfaction and pride. The feeling would reciprocate itself as I run towards the post man to receive the letter or card that bears my name. Just imagine your name written all over the envelope that traveled across border or countless seas! It really make a difference to your entire existence.
It's sad that today, technology and social networking sites has crippled the entire joy of writing letters and post cards. Your best buddy's birthday round the corner. Why worry? Just write on his or her wall or still better, a virtual e-card.
Somehow, I feel that the kids high on techno stuffs are missing the joy of letters that flows from the post office as well as the joy of writing a letter to a pal across border. Isn't it a case of robbing the child of the fun of a beautiful childhood? Dunno, perhaps I am reaching the elixir or mid-life crisis or I am totally wrong in finding faults with gadgets. As human beings, sometimes we are reluctant to accept the change or less ready to embrace the novel ideas flowing in the form of technology. Today's kids may not really be a problem but our generation may find it hard to accept that things we are so used to are changing. Sometimes, I wonder whether new age kids will ever enjoy something called post office. I would be crest fallen if some kid ask me what is post office and I shall tell..well...what's ur gadget all about?!
I still prefer the post office to do so many stuffs and it's indeed rare for me to send greetings cards by email. I still prefer to buy an Archies Greeting card and write merry christmas and happy new year and shed some extra bucks to send it all the way to a friend. It's like choosing between an e-book and a hard copy. Well, I prefer the hard copy any day. Okay okay! I admit that I have emailed greetings but it's basically to those I deal with on a professional level and some friends due to the shortage of time.
When we write a letter to a friend or a loved one, we pour our emotions and soul on that piece of white paper. It creates an emotional  bond between the one who pens the letter and the one who read the letter. At a glance, it is a conversation where we share the most mundane things that happened to our life or fuck up like break ups and the recipient can feel our love, anger and tears.
Who invented the letter? Whoever the person was, it was a stroke of genuis.


My (occupied) land

I live on the myth-shattering place called the earth.
Some plainly call it earth, while for the others it's simply reclaimed land from the ocean.
Alas! Nobody would have imagined that it was a place once claimed by aborigines, inhabited by animals.
Then, civilization came!
My land was invaded and possessed by Arab civilization.
It lay silent, muted as it witnessed fight among men as weapons were used as the best defense for occupation.
The British occupied massacred, occupied my land.
My people were exploited and send far away in the land occupied by the colonial powers.
Somehow, my soul was entrenched in my part of the land.
My land became independent.
Yet, not much has changed in my land.
It was bartered and they now call it, 'real estate' boom.
They attached a price tag to my land so that I am thrown out of my land.
Me and my brothers have been rendered homeless in my own world.
We sleep on the streets because the superpower have sealed our own future.
As I stand on my land, I up my gaze to focus on the sky rocketed buildings.
Standing on my own land, I focus on my own land that I cannot enter.
They are making an easy buck on my back and I cannot enter that belong to me.
My land is separated by the Arabian Sea.
I have a price to pay for everything on my own land.
Toll tax, municipal tax and to sleep as well.
It's a case of the owner owned by forces of capitalists.
Everyday, hordes of immigrants storm the land.
They are our own people who thought they could move freely.
Yet, they are called 'migrants' in their own lands.
They have cut trees, constructed buildings on hills and drove the birds away.
They looted people in the name of civilization to own my land.
They invented and re-invented the wheels of the law on unoccupied land.
This is my land.
Can we dream of reclaiming our land?
I doubt!



Getting back with an ex

Priya and Sheikh dated for three years. As years passed, Priya felt that she was getting choked in the relationship as Sheikh was controlling everything in her life, friends. colleagues, social life and family. One fine day, she mustered courage and called it quits and moved on with her life. One fine day, she got an unexpected call from Sheikh declaring his love for her and bragging about his new job, brand new Hondo CRV car and duplex flat at Marine Drive which he acquired for crores. He declared the flat and car for her. Priya was bemused and confused in the start but couldn't contain herself and snigger at such stupidity.
Why is it that after everything has been cleared, we can't accept that a relationship is over and some people cannot get on with their life. Speak about bruised ego! Our ego is so strong that we cannot handle the break up and we look at ways and means to get back at the one who ditched us. We often forget that we cannot possess someone and at the end of the day, we need to give the person his or her personal space and we should be ready to accept that as the individual, we are the one who led the break up in the relationship. I fail to understand why the fuck we need to control the life of the person we are dating, from her clothes, male friends, time she spend with her family and who she speaks to one phone, albeit why her fone is so busy. For fuck sake! Go and get a life. What I hate among men is the victim they portray themselves as and the obsession and the freaky obsession of controlling the life of their girl friend. You know the constant calling and check on her every now and then! Well, girls also do it at times and it sucks and I find that men are the worst jerks in that matter. I have few male friends who do not suffer from the insecure obsessive syndrome and it's basically ego. Ya! I know..I am a man and speaking like that and it is a fact that many men cannot come to terms with the fact that they have been majorly ditched.
There are many instances like that when the ex-wanna come back in the life of the person who was once part of their life and they will use all kinda tricks to get back. Emotional black mail is often used to drive the other person to madness and make him or her believe, perhaps he or she really loves me or he has changed. This is all bullshit. Personally, I feel that you are done with a person. Period. Go and get a life of your own and as it is, you can always find another person. You are just losing your time if you are on such an ego trip and by getting back, you wanna make the hurt harsh. Face it. You just cannot accept that you have been ditched and you gotta move on by keeping good memories of the person you were with.
I have also observed that some people have such emotional hang-over that they cannot bear the separation and it's is often a question of sky-rocketed expectations. While it's okay and feel bad of being rejected but refusing to go shows a lack of self-esteem and if there is a need, move away from the person for a while. Here, I mean geographical location. I can't see people begging their partner to take them back. Bear in mind that the person has already told you that it's all over and she doesn't wish to have you in her life. It's a question of his or her personal wish and one cannot be happy in such kind of strained relationship. One should not ask whether it's a moral or immoral thing to do but rather prod yourself whether it's working or better. Better, be happy with someone who find it cool and acceptable of your whimsical traits.
Hope better sense prevails.
Spread cheers N Love