Ten (+1) Crazy Things To Do On Valentine Day

Love is an oxymoron.
As the clock struck midnight, cupid strike ringing the bell of 'Valentine Day.'
The L word is spreading like balloons fluttered in the air.
Love is spread everywhere, bringing dollops of joy and happiness.
Happy Valentine Day.

How to spice up your Valentine Day and make it a unique and memorable affair?

1. Pull up all the old curtains and throw in the washing machine. Put up red colored curtains, bed sheets in the room and let the world know it's Valentine Night.

2. Turn off the lights in the room and designed the room with the beautiful red candles. Even in the dark, surprise your love with the valentined candles and add spark to your love life.

3. If you are single and looking for love, romance, lust and sex start penning a rom-com novel speaking about your own love story, sexcapades and first love. It's the perfect time to start on V Day and next on Valentine, it can earn you so many male fans if you are a babe and female fans if you are dude. Who knows you can find your Valentine in the form a fan? V-Day is all about being hopeful and never say a blatant no to love and amazing, sizzling sex.

4. This Valentine lie in the arms of each other..lie naked and read romantic books like Eric Seagel's Lover Story, Time Traveler's wife, I too Had a Love Story, 40 Rules of Love, Chetan Bhagat's Two States or Love, Life and All That Jazz by Ahmed Fayez. Howzz bout lying naked in bed and reading the love stories?! Tempting isn't it?

5. Surprise your lover..open the most expensive wine or champagne bottle and pull the lights off..Just you and your lover, red candle, wine bottle..some cuddling and kissing. Switch off the cell phone, disconnect the internet and the landline. Make the V Day sound as if there is no tomorrow and it's your last night together.

6. Smear cakes one each other's faces and go dirty this valentine. I am not telling to get dirty by rolling into mud water but what's the harm in smudging choco cakes over each other's faces. After all, it's the season of love.

7. Party hard like an animal, jump and rock the dance floor by holding each other's tight and embrace. Take a bit of each other's lips. Nobody does it better than Valentine lovers.

8. Make sizzling love and amazing sex at the back of the car. Make your sex memorable and wild and finish it off in the room. Get it real wild and soar each other's body temperature. It will be the sex of your life and absolute sinful pleasure.

9. Rent a romantic DvD and watch together by holding each other. You name it, you get it..the classic DDLJ or Pretty Woman or Dirty Dancing and Cocktail, why not for some frolicking fun.

10. Finally, celebrate with a cake and if you in a serious relationship, hide a ring in the birthday cake with her name written on the cake. She will come straight to you with a hug as you steal a precious kiss.

11. Add cherry to the cake or salt to injury whichever way you make it to be: Wear each other's clothes..well! err! kidding I know ma dirty mind is at work and I'm no David Beckham and my gal is no Posh spice gal.

Happy Valentine Day
Make Love not war
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