Figment of creative imagination

The brazen image on the canvas hogged the eyes of the doer.
So enamored was he with the artistic creation, he couldn't help feeling that he is one of the character.
The artist took breathtaking pain in conveying the right expression through the brush strokes.
She is an artist blessed with creative freedom, has no qualm in offending the right wings and ultra conservatives.
She was prosecuted, harassed and made political scapegoat.
Her depiction of love and sex between the lovers sent tizzy to a society afflicted by intellectual deficiency.
Her paintings were burned in public forums as she waged a long battle to get her due.
She was made the villain in newspapers and TV channels.
Fellow artistes fear to show their support to her.
Finally, she won her battle as anger subsided.
Little did he know what she went through, the period of emotional turmoil that tore her world apart.
He felt a cosmic connection with the unknown artist, felt the image conveyed on the canvas.
He bought the painting at an exorbitant price that defied human logic.
As the huge drawing was placed in his dining hall, the food on the plate was left unconsumed.
He was consumed by the image and it prevented him from indulging in his daily chores.
He was drawn by the painting and the designer.
Who was the designer, he racked his brain.
After all, there is much sorrow and pain beyond love-making and lust.
Was it an expression of the life she has undergone?
He pondered on her tumultuous past.
After all, he burned in the passion of love as he tried revisiting his past.
Who said creation is a figment of imagination?!
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