Name choosing and name calling! Taimur is a name, relax Troller!

Social media can be disgusting. Trollers are the most pathetic idiots wearing blinkers and the garb of misplaced patriotism to give the world lessons. It's the most shameful thing that happened when Kareena Kapoor Khan gave birth to a baby boy and christened him Taimur Khan to see Twitter resorting to all kind of name calling and insults. We are shameful as people.

What's in a name? one is tempted to ask. The kind of hate that poured on Twitter reveals the character of people sitting idle and not doing anything worthwhile on the internet. It's a shame how some people are hating the parents, Saif and Kareena, and the innocent baby that came into this world. I mean, how ridiculous can it get with folks who got nothing to do with the child, resort to name calling and questioning the patriotism of the parents. Nowadays, everyone decides for the other. What is the relationship between the name of a child and patriotism?

Minding one's own business is something that most of us don't get and we barge uninvited into the lives of others, claiming to be the biggest patriots of all. Those social media bigots had a field day, questioning the parents and it's shameful to see the name calling, slut shaming, and verbal abuse. It makes one wonder whether isn't it high time to send the abusers to jail for spreading such hatred. There are so many national issues, such as demonetisation, corruption and how to make India better as a country rather than poking one's nose into other people's personal matters.

We have become such fearless bastards wearing a veil and hiding behind social media to type 140 odd words as if it's our sole claim to fame. Such trollers go on a rampage, thinking it's their birthright to save the world and we are the new soldiers to guard the country against names. At least, do something better with your life. Spewing such abuse rather than spreading love reflects on our herd and stone age mentality! It shows what kind of upbringing such haters have got and how desperate they can get. It's such a sick mentality.

Perhaps, it's a psychological thing for such spineless 'bastards' to show their chauvinism and aggression on the internet. It shows one thing: How suppressed emotions we have and we get a sadistic pleasure in venting out on people that never harmed us in the first place. I wonder on this form of defense mechanism to justify on our own shortcomings as human beings. We are the first one to be racist. It's just a name people. You have a name. No one hates you for that. Your name doesn't make you a patriot or a good human being but it's your deeds.

One can only hope that we will be more compassionate and spread love rather than hatred as we usher in a brand new year. It's the very least we can do in our personal life, relationships and on social media. Make a vow not to be spineless to attack an innocent baby. It's not cool to mock someone or spread hatred, questioning their patriotism. 

Happy New Year 2017.
Be the change


Celebrate the past and present this season

The bells' chime:
Ushering in festive moods:
Feast to gorge on:
The season's fling;
Lighting the bonfire:
Igniting passion;
Flame of celebrating the past and burying it to death:
Rousing welcome to a cracking new season;
Painting life with colors of love;
Shining souls;
Be born again;
Light the cradle of existence;
Mingle on the floor;
Tread the adventurous path of freshness;
Fill the blank pages;
Inject sheen;
Spring for the bud;
Blossom into shining and enticing roses.

With love


A chrismassy story

Xmas bells tinkling
Whispers of white bearded Santa.
The lullaby of love.
Stars shining in dreams.
A prayer for love and togetherness.
May no child is starved and deprived of love, food and toys.
Spread the cheers.
Fill the heart with love and not hatred, intolerance or prejudice.

Merry X-mas

Sourced from Google: http://www.imagefully.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Animated-Santa-Claus-Decoration-.jpg

There are quite a few Xmas stories where I waited with bated breath for Santa Claus as a child, polishing my shoes in shining black on the eve with the hope to secretly watch the protruded belly of the white bearded dude filling them with toys. I waited vainly at night. The excitement went for a  toss when I slept.

Trust the parents to fool you with the lamest excuses on Xmassy Day that I shouldn't have slept and Santa in red hood waited in vain but had to leave since he is old and must attend to so many children. I innocently asked whether they gave him Coke that I made Dad buy for him. I was told he had a little in a mug. I stormed my way and forgot about Santa's plight to possessively clutch the toy gun, lego and cars that Santa gave me and showed to the neighbor children.  

Spasm of Xmas memory and naughty me flashes in the mind as if it was yesterday only that I was a child. I remember the fancy toy guns and funky yellow paper sunglasses that I forced Mom to buy at the shop when I almost broke in tears to have them all. Tears and children, I tell you! It's the best weapon to fake mass destruction of the heart as if the world gonna end.

It was the same story every Xmas for me when I smartly rolled on the floor in front of shops lining up flashy and colorful toys. My objects of fascination were always guns and cars.  Mom got wind of this natak that she called a cop doing sentry and in no time, I was up in arms. Of course, not without sulking. On another occasion. I would ask Mom for my bath and was ready by 2 o'clock, waiting for Dad to come home early since he promised so that we would all go together to buy my toys. I waited and waited with patience, fearing that Pop will come late today. I almost cried. 

Finally, Dad came and went out. Once. I got a bicycle as Xmassy present and the next day, tricking Pop to get me an automatic police van for 75 bucks only. You press on it and the engine rolls back. What fun it was! The magic and hot wheels, 

It was Xmas day and I wanted this toy vehicle but Mom wouldn't relent. She had to visit some relatives and once she was out, I convinced Dad to take me to that shop to buy choco. When we went there, I grabbed the toy and never relented to let it go. I was Pop's favorite and he had no choice after all for the apple of his eyes. See! Emotional blackmail always worked for me.

Merry Merry Xmas N Love


Crush Spot

Crush! This magical fairytale of falling in love with someone special as films, novels and stories paint an idyllic definition of the perfect person whose shortcomings we learn to blindly ignore. We revel, 'How smoking hot and beautiful she or he is.' A moment of thunder that pierces the heart and makes us vibrate to the tune of mushy Hindi romantic songs and as lovelorn us leap and fly in the air.
Image sourced from; Buzzfeed
It's our crush spot whether we are teens, growing adults or mature men and women. It's love in the air and the wind of change make us go sheepishly red. Crush is a hot virus that looms in the atmosphere that leaves no one immune to it. Certainly, not hearts longing for that touch, intimate kiss or making out in the open or dark garden that would put Adam and Eve to shame.

1. Teeny weeny love

Remember our teen days where our hearts were beating for the damsel carrying herself with grace in the bright yellow skirt or blue jeans that made our hearts beating frantically. It's how we go blind in love for that person where we race against time to introduce ourselves and propose with a red rose. The holding of hands and shyly kissing on the cheek and progressing to the lip as we bury our heads in shame for indulging in sin and again, looking tenderly into each other's ears before whispering sweet little nothings. I remember penning secret poems and love letters! Hey, my generation was not ahead of its time for we never dared to make out on the first date.

2. Love Duet

Memories of crush spot seem like wanna singing a love duet the Hindi films way where romance was all about flashy clothes or gentlemanly suit and the lady love in saree, going full swing the romantic way. The five minutes song was all about telling an entire lifetime of romance and love, to our crush how we will make the most beautiful couple on earth. The simplicity of calf love, the longing and how easily our heart broke into tiny pieces before the Crush Spot easily moves to another target. Time for another love duet. How our C-Spot changes from one romantic interest to another, as we seek to find idyllic romance.

3. Breezy touch

Silly lil' crush stroke our senses like the electrifying jolt that smears our G-spot and feels like a breezy touch on our skin that reminds us that we are mortals that gotta behave like one...you know kissing, intimacy and having sex.  There is no age or reason to have a crush on someone and whether it's in sweet 16, college days or mid-30s, it makes us dream of love and kissing with the same burning passion. Love is a breezy touch that doesn't spare us, a bit like Harry Potter magic wand. The best thing is crushing on someone makes us youthful in our hearts and minds, going back to the first days of crush spot and suddenly, life becomes so beautiful and jazzy. Believe in love, bare and dare to make love shedding the cloak of shame to tread the unchartered body zones or territory. It may be a harmless fling but works wonders for your soul.

4. Labon ka Karobar

Cut to 2016. Crush spot is the zone of ending it all with passionate kiss and smooches, exploring every inch and zone to taste nectar on the lip. It's the generation of millennials where Gen X doesn't shy in getting intimacy inked on the first date and indulging in Labon ka Karobaar. It's the changing equation in relationships, crushes which nowadays is more like one night stand or casual sex, for that matter. The crush zone is getting hotter by the day with the new age, dudes and babes indulging in kissing and forgetting but not telling. Crush spot has differed for each generation and time for us in our middle age to accept how Gen X do it and indulge in fun.

With Love


Blue azure sky and countless city emotions

Image sourced from Google/https://giovannidcunha.files.wordpress.com
Blue azure sky;
Surrounded by cleft of emotions,
embracing the city,
as the chime of wind flew in my arms.
Life is a springboard of immense and grandeur.
I stand on the edge of the cliff.
The still sea water beneath me.
The madness of climbing the rocks,
to stand tall and in awe of the majestic city.
It stands for dreams to come true.
The joy of being alone.
Yet, finding comfort in the chaotic crowd.
A great boost to one's soul.
Longing for companionship.
Arms wide open.
Capturing the fresh air,
dust flying
and every single emotion.



Passionate lick and lust

Lip talk;
Tongues curled;
Blowing the ring of passion;
Quenching thirst of lust;
Lips stroking and exploring every inch,
of the mouthly passion;
Insane kissing;
Mad love;
Passion knows no reason or moral;
Smooching in public place;
It only knows the language of romance, passion, and intimacy;
Take it to a higher level;
No drug can fulfill that;
Kiss as if it's your last one;
Bite the fruit;
Strawberry taste;
Fruit of passion;
Lick the ice cream before it melts;



Priorities, self growth and measuring scale

It's the time of the year when folks reflect on achievements, disappointments and making new resolutions for the upcoming year. It gets back to square one in my case. Trust me on that. I am so horrible with assessments and resolutions that I have stopped doing that.

As a year almost ends, I wonder to what extent I have grown as a person and no, I am not cursing the grey hair or beard showing. Na! Not even referring to hormonal change, dearies. Ok! It's a bad joke. There will always be disappointments where it seems nothing is working and the whole universe is fucking your happiness with small dollops of joy that gives a momentary high. Perhaps, a good way is to measure up the scale of highs and lows. Every day is a new day and don't let dampeners get to the mind. It's how I intend to take things forward rather be an emotional wreck, a kinda of dukkhi aatma crying over every single drop of spilt milk.

It's important for us to find opportunity in adversity or what we may call 'failures' for there is always a lesson behind where we learn, unlearn and learn again. Life is like a ball that keeps spinning like the revolving earth.

Things have changed a lot for me over the years. I have been able to learn from my failures and dare to take risks that I wouldn't normally do since I felt at some point that yours truly got nothing to lose. It happens when you are the most vulnerable. I was like, how much it can get worse. Luckily, things paid off for me. 

With time, I have learned to be more patient and not to get angry with people or things anymore for there is little I can do to change the attitudes of fucked up people. I am much more composed as a person and try not to overreact but Act. It makes a hell lot of difference when you don't give in to provocation and act in a normal manner. 

The mistakes made in the past gave me more confidence and served as a gentle reminder how I can win the battle without being impatient or restless. I am a work in progress who keep improving every single day, learning to get better at things without competing with others. I choose to compete with myself.

This year it got me thinking how important it is to prioritize ourselves over others where we should never be an option in other people's lives, doesn't matter if they are close relatives or not. One shouldn't be bound by obligations for it never works in real life. Value yourself first. Love yourself. It's damn important. Once you do that, all New Year resolutions or yearly assessment can and should go down the drain. 

I am still the same person but my priorities and outlook on life have changed a helluva lot. I am also in the process to cut down my smoking and it's been going well for 2 weeks, a far cry from the chain smoker that I was to drastic alteration in lifestyle.  It's one plus point towards the year end.

My mantra would be: Strive, avoid negative people or energy, meditate, be with the self and prioritize life as well as doing things that make one happy. Be a risk taker and take the plunge.

With Love


Morning reflection

Breathing fresh morning air;
Fragrance of the lilac;
Gazing at the sunshine;
Reveling at the gift of nature;
Birds chirping;
Children running and breaking into laughter;
Simple joy of life;
Jumping at the sight of airplane,
hovering above the head.
Tree leaves fluttering;
Drop of rain falling from the sky;
Thousand promises made;
Caught in one's imagination;
Stroking tender hearts;
Caressing the flower buds;
Soothing whispers;
Declaration of love;
Blow the conch;
Paint the town red;
Be unafraid to fail;
Adventure is soulful.

With Love


Befikre Love or the changing tide of relationships

The definition of love has altered like the game of truth and dare, holding no bare and getting bolder in an expression of sipping a steamy hot cup of coffee. The young generation doesn't seek moral approval and indulges in intimacy, kissing minus the emotional baggage. It's love, the Befikre way of expressing emotions minus the commitment quotient.

The game of love is altering over time. It's the same Adi Chopra who gave us one of the most beautiful love stories, DDLJ where the hero refuses to elope with his lady love, choosing to tread the unchartered path. In Befikre, Vani Kapoor shamelessly says, I am just checking his ass, a far cry from DDLJ where love meets tradition. The Ranveer Singh-Vaani Kapoor starrer is all about tapping the pulse of generation next of kissing, making out and forgetting next day.

In an age where couples use electric gadgets as a substitute for sex and intimacy-Yes! A friend just wrote about it in a newspaper column- love can best be expressed as guilty and sinful pleasure, chucking out the heavy emotional balance. Films are an imitation of real life. The practicality of making out at a time when people are busy in their professional life and an increasing reluctance to commit which takes a toll on life provides the much-needed snuggling comfort and emotional balance for humans. We are busy, as humans. Believe it or not, we are still humans and we long for that emotional touch whether it's long distance love, soppy romance, a touch is all we need. It doesn't matter whether we crave for the momentary pleasure or seeking a long term affair. 

Loving and living the Befikre way has been echoed in several India Today year sex survey where the young generation look for thrill not just in big cities but also in small towns. For instance, the youth are on Tinder and other mobile applications to check out for a date that fulfills the missing gap in their lives.

Image sourced from Google/Befikre still

The young generation believes on the in-your-face mantra of living and letting live. They are never shy in telling on the face what they think about love and being clingy is a matter buried in the past. Independence, be it in a relationship or living away from parents is what they look for. It's the change which mirrors a society which is ever-evolving where dating doesn't equate to falling in love but living in the present.

Love seeks no moral justification. There was the time of Heer-Ranjha, Laila-Majnu, Till Death Do Us Apart or couples eloping and fighting out the patriarchal definition of fulfilling social and dogmatic obligations. The concept of human relationships has always evolved. Befikre love is not telling us something new that will blow our minds. 

Every generation has got a tale of relationship to narrate and it's high time for us to accept the change that ushers with time, The generation gap is just an excuse to oppose everything by flinging the high moral ground of how our generation was superior in moral outlook. It's simple: Adapt to the change or perish.

Be a befikre in love. Grow up in each and every relationship to chuck out attachments that kills the beauty of romance.

Befikre Love


All we need is love

All we could do with some love.
Small dose.
It's an injection that flows inside the heart.
It takes away the pain.
Maladies disappear.
Four letter word,
Taste in various forms.
We exist.
The heart beat.
It's love.



Lifeless moribund, chasing life

Thick mound of dust;
Composing a new note;
Chartering fresh memories;
Leaving the past behind;
Fingers slipping on the piano;
Strumming the string of guitar;
A face that haunts,
and takes the breath away;
Love is a mystery;
Thunderous passion;
A zest for life,
lingering on the edge of mountains;
Chartering limitless zone;
Living dangerously;
Reaching the peak of universe;
Curse of evil;
Moaning in pleasure;
Vista of the unseen;
Pale moribund of the lifeless;
Death knocks;
The journey is endless;
In quest of the unknown.



Coffee tales and confession! I like it hot!

Coffee time...check check! Coffee Mug in kitchen...check check! 

Ain't I surviving without the coffee grain in the morning? It got me wonder how and why! It's the kick for an active morning. I like my coffee strong where I end up doling gyan to the waiter at my coffee hang out to make it thick and foam flowing atop to make me swirl my way for the day. I am sure they must be wondering what a prick I am.

I don't compromise on my coffee, be it at home or in a restaurant and the moment you mess up with my coffee grains, you are gone for the day. It's quite a tale of obsession that I have nurtured over time and it totally screw my head when the so-called barista makes a weak coffee that wouldn't even classify as decent grain. They get an earful in a super cool, gentle and sweet manner from me. The customer is King.

It's the time of the year when you wonder on the zillion cups of coffees gulped to charge you up and it feels like a fortune amassed throughout the year. The strong coffee bearing various labels and this year I experimented with different brands of coffee, moving away from the traditional Nescafe that I normally have. Like life, it's good to experiment with brands and I loove it hot and sizzling. My coffee gives me company to work, write and of course, read books. It's a great company in my literary journey of life.

It brings me back to the halcyon college coffee days when the whole day was spent sipping coffee at Barista and CCD day, the place where we would study for exams and the open space was traded for shedding 60 bucks sitting for the whole day. I sorely miss those Mumbai and Pune days. Restless morning! You pull tee and jeans to storm you way to CCD or Barista, smoking and gulping, doing gap shup with people as if you have been assigned by the Government to discuss national issues from Sachin to Nuke Deal or India-Pakistan, forgetting your studies. The magic of coffee grain unfurls into your mind which is suddenly sprung to life and making way to your self-claimed intellectual discussion. 

The coffee moments is such a mate that you can hide behind the grains to ask a chick out with so much confidence that you think she will not turn you down. Like CCD ensnares us like the modern Day Meneka, 'A lot can happen over Coffee' as if things never happen on its own and coffee is the new George Bush who triggered war. I gotta ask Donald Trump if he loves coffee!

Image sourced from Google

I am actually thinking what coffee can do to people after gulping two cuppa of brandless coffee I got for cheap at the supermarket. The taste is still languishing in my tongue after a good one hour making me think whether my body will suddenly turn coffee like the blue wala Neelkanth. I can be the new coffee God!

Ah!!! Coffee is synonymous with that dude called Karan Johar who spreads his couch for celebrity guests making sensational revelations about love, life and sex. Heard Ranbir Baba confessed of sleeping with someone's girl friend under the influence of Coffee. Tauba! Tauba! Now, this coffee confession beats alcohol hands down. No way, my coffee will push me to reveal dark secret for my hand is decently kept inside my pant. What coffee grains does to people? That too, for a hamper. Now, I wanna a coffee hamper for free. Demonetisation is happily keeping all coffee secrets inside the banks.

I love my coffee which is not mixed with toxic and me promise not to gulp Irish coffee, the same grain mixture with alcohol. Remember, I told you I like my coffee strong under the influence of Priyanka Chopra to pep me up and no, no saucy revelation. Enjoy a strong cup and don't kiss your cup and tell.


Flash Fiction: Naked Shot

Naked Shot

He lay icy cold on the wooden bed and sweat oozed like water on the stiff and inertly skinny body. Tension wore thin on her face and looked around to make sure nobody tracked her movement inside the white coated apartment. She had no other alternative but to act super fast and run against time to get rid of the body that would invite the glaring eyes of neighbors and cops. It is already stinking and she almost choked and puked.

Her hands were shaking and almost jumped in fright when an object moved like light, shoving past her bum. A noise was heard inside the kitchen. It turned out to be the neighborhood cat Maggie who leaped out of the window to disappear in the dark. Suddenly, someone was banging on the door with all the might that almost broke the lock. Her eyes bore fear and popped out.

Was she caught? Who got wind of the act? Perfect shot, cut. Scene canned, yelled the director doubling as the corpse who hugged her tightly. Both lovers act on prompt the filmi way to kill the boredom out of their relationship to act in the middle of the night. Their last video shared on You Tube garnered 15,00 hits last night. They were unaware that they were filmed naked by the hidden camera inside the house.



26/11: Aware, Educate and tokenism not needed for safe India

Image sourced from; Google 

It's human nature to pay lip service and sing the praises of our 'unsung heroes' during hard time or for that matter when terror strikes. Such mere tokenism is uncalled for. It suits the political establishment, no matter who holds the highest office. It's been 8 years since 26/11 happened in Mumbai, the worst terror attack that wouldn't make the city same again.

There are words such as the resilience of Mumbai or the Spirit of Mumbai used limitlessly as if it's some catchy slogan or to make rhetoric the biggest literary awards for politicians. Like someone once said, Mumbai or any other place is resilient because of the simple fact that people need to get off in the morning to face the day. Do we have an alternate choice?

Nothing can bring back the lives of our martyr, be it the army men, NSG, constable or commoners who lost their lives when the city was hijacked by the face of terror. Unsung heroes are not just the army but common men and women who face life every single day. Sometimes forgetting the fear that they will not back home safely. It's the resilience in Mumbai or any other city. Sometimes back, a young school girl played a prank by pretending to see armed terrorists which sent the city and the forces in a tizzy. It didn't happen for the first time where resources were put to task. It happened after the train blast when teenagers played such pranks that almost evacuated Bandra station. It can be a dangerous game played in the name of thrill and youngsters should be educated on the need to be responsible citizens. Perhaps. they are not educated enough on the definition of a terrorist and its modus operandi. 

It starts in schools, at home and the workplace where all stakeholders, Government, workforce, NGOs and ordinary citizens should pool their efforts together. We need to educate people how to respond and be alert be it an unattended bag in the train, railway station or public places. The people are the best judge and agents in the fight against terror. Let's stop alienating minorities or people who stay in areas prone to attacks where the 'informers' rather than going astray can work with the police in return for an income beyond tax or public glare. Creative competition or drawings must be popularized in schools to come with the best posters on how to be alert as citizens or that prank come at a huge cost. 

It's high time the Government honor our armed, police forces and NSG commandos. Every life lost be it in the course of duty is a human tragedy that afflicts a family and an entire nation. No Sir, rhetoric is not needed. Mock breach is regularly conducted along the coastlines in the same fashion the likes of Kasab entered Mumbai and severe loopholes were found. It's a case for worry. There is a need for police patrolling and better coordination through laser illuminators, smart fencing system, weapon sights and containerized weapon systems. Are we ready to contain threat? It's the moot question!

The Mumbai Police still lack coastal police stations, sophisticated weapons and bullet proof jackets. Administrative apathy is holding the force back and there is a huge need to beef up security through better infrastructure and coordination between forces to thwart terror attempts.

It was a dark day in a city deemed and rightly so, to be liberal and always on its toes that was brought to a standstill. There was intelligence failure on all counts and absence of resources to capture communications spearheaded by LET in connivance with ISI. Like they say, justice delayed is justice denied. Eight years later, justice and compensation are eluding the victims running around in the quest for closure.

Educate, be aware as responsible citizens and beef up security to ensure that India and its people are protected from heinous terror attacks. We need to send a loud and clear signal. Our people are the biggest assets and they can be agents to strengthen law and order. We are hitting an empty wall and despite evidence given to Pakistani authorities, it doesn't suit them to prosecute Lakhvi, Hafeez Saeed and their ilk involved in terror attacks. High time for India to move international powers to bring Pakistan to task and be declared a terrorist state.



Love, Life and Nature

My world.
No flicker of sound and rasping voices,
can crawl in.
Woven with the tapestry of innate beauty,
flawlessly etched with divine stroke,
magical lush of oceanic waves.
Chime of silent whispers,
tinkling like bells inside the mind.
Misty cloud.
Squirming birds,
singing nature's ode.
Lonely heart,
craving for harmless romance.
Whooshing sound of her trinklet,
Hair fluttering,
to the sound of waves.
A timeless adventure of
love, life and nature.


Melancholic days of passion and ideology

Wistful moments.

Melancholic moments.

Lover refuses to die.

Yearning for one sight of her.

Reverie of perfection.

Flawless love.

Imaginary romance.

Stench of tobacco.

Pan spit.

Sleeping on filthy floor.

Tale of abyss and darkness.

A woman that no one dares to touch.

Flawless skin.

Born in gold coated cradle.

Earth and sky can never be one.

Fiery passion and heat,

united the bodies.

Love has no common cause.

Ideology has.

A nightmare to be forsaken.

Fizzling in the air like dusty particles.




Being a Man

Image sourced from: http://www.goodlookingloser.com/images/easyblog_images/63/be-a-man.jpg

There will be men and then there will be boys. I stumbled on this topic on a web portal which got me thinking what ‘Being a Man Means’ and what social conditioning over the years leads us to think. No! It’s not about being aggressive, showing virility or pumping iron.

Being a Man for me means showing respect to women, treat them as equal to me and respect their intelligence or achievements. It goes much beyond that and doesn’t entail me with inherently inborn privileges over them as human beings. I refuse to believe in entitlement since we don’t have ascribed status.

Being a Man doesn’t make me a protector of woman. I feel that we have tread a wrong route when it comes to protecting a woman. She can be her own protector and she doesn’t need a man to do that. The moment we decide that we are a kinda superhero protector, it boosts the wrong image of fairer sex. Of course, as a man, I must have the balls to stand for a woman when someone is bullying or insulting her.

Being a Man means that I can cry as a human being to express my emotions. I was born into the womb of a woman and emotions are passed to me. I am weak as a man and it’s time to accept this personality trait. Being a Man doesn’t make me flawless and it’s not about biceps.

Being a Man means smooching a girl, getting intimate and having sex without going around and tell around that I have had sex with X, Y or Z. There is a difference between men and boys. Boys go around and tell the world they have sex with a particular girl. For me, it’s immature and doesn’t make someone a man. Be a Man but with human dignity and self-respect.

Being a man means shoulder your responsibilities, never shy away and accept with grace you are wrong, doesn’t matter the criticisms comes from a female or male boss. It’s all about chucking out the ugly male ego and don’t be a conspirator to the world of patriarchy. Being a man doesn’t mean that I can force myself on a woman. Remember, No means No! When a woman says she doesn’t want Sex, it means No you cannot force yourself into her. It makes you a Man, not the other way round.

Being a man means believing in values and never to compromise ethics, ideologies I believe in. Standing for what is right and speaking about what is wrong makes you a man, woman but most importantly human.

Being a Man means standing for your woman in the face of all forms of oppression, be it sexual, gender and religious. No religious saint can tell me that my wife, sister or mother shouldn’t touch flowers during prayers just because she is going over her periods. It’s the worst and false religious implication which is ridiculously stupid which fetters us. It’s what dark ages are all about! Hit against this malpractice and let’s restore dignity to society.

Being a Man means is to treat my son and daughter with respect, instill in them the values of equality and to teach them emotions, doing the dishes or earning is not a man or women thing. It’s about teaching my son to be respectful towards women and my daughter not to let anyone crush her identity, it is her choice to have boyfriends, premarital sex or wear short skirts since she is not dirty but the minds who reek of filth.


The trapping of Friend Zone: Dos and Donts

You’ve just been friend-zoned! Wobbling voice, late night sms-es...oops sorry, nowadays, I forgot how cool Whatsapp is nowadays and morning routine wake-up call as if you are some bird rattling on her window sill and squeaking to wake her up from last night’s party.

Tired of the hint that you give her by flirting on how ravishing she looks which your lady love to simply brush it out with , ‘Shut up! You idiot!’ You find everything cute about her, the stupid jokes, coy smile, laughs, and childishness. Why can’t you fucking bare open your heart to express how much you drool over her? There is always a risk. The Lakshman Rekha, I know. You are too scared and insecure to over step the boundary. Loss of friendship and a beautiful relationship is at stake. You toss on the bed at night, staying wide awake with the eyes popping out and playing flames on the crumpled white paper for you are unsure about her feelings for you.

Remember Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, the character played by Anushka, Alizeh loves Ranbir aka Ayan but as a friend. Poor dude Ayan! He has been friend-zoned and couldn’t come to terms with it.

Catch 22: Go Get a Life

It's a catch 22 situation. You do the run around for her and double as her good man Friday. After all, do you see a future with her? Here we are not talking bout getting married or producing beautiful babies but a casual thing, yes or probably romance. There is always a risk. For sure, she is no friend with benefit or fuck buddy if both of you emotionally cling to each other. What happens when both of your decide to call it quits? The pain or hurt expressed when the friendship goes for a toss. It holds no future for both of you. Where is the relationship taking you?

The most sensible thing to do is avoid doing the running around and confidant like the puppy or couch that she snuggles her head to share everything, ranging from BFF zone, jealousy, clothes or the guy she drools over. You are the perfect balloon where she vents out almost everything.

Please for fuck sake don’t keep moving around only with her as if she’s some trophy and don’t forget the golden rule of millions fish to catch in the pond. Stop shutting yourself from the window of opportunities. You look like a best friend mushy corn that she loves to munch. I am not saying don’t be nice but in plain words: Go, Get a Life.

Build on that friendship

You see a future with her. You've been friend-zoned. Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea! Many relationships thrive on steady friendships. Get your priority right! Perhaps you need to shift your gaze away from her and meet new people, new chicks. Flit around and keep a normal distance. She might sense something odd or will realize she is missing you. You can casually ask whether she is missing you and gently broach the topic that you are looking not just for friendship but a relationship which is much beyond BFF type.

Play the waiting game

Love and matters of the heart bloom with hope. In today's time where relationships are casually fickle, you tend to build a mountain of expectations and patiently waiting her breaking up with the boyfriend. Relationships are casual. There are chances of breaking up. Don’t push her away or else, you might lose someone precious. Listen to her tales of insensitive boyfriend, uncaring and matters of the heart she's unwilling to tell her boyfriend. She needs a shoulder to lean and cry. Be that person! The trusted man who would always stand by her without judging no matter what. Make her feel beautiful and desirable.

Friendship vs love vs romance

Often, there is a blurred line between friendship, romance, and physical attraction. It can get physical. Been there and done that, falling for your best friend. It can kill you every nanosecond of life. It's confusing, gloomy and feels like hitting flies with your palm turning into mosquito nets. Be a brand. Most of the girls have several male friends and overnight, they cannot make one of them which is you the boyfriend or sleep with since they bored with life. What is your USP? For sure, you are contented being just a friend in this whole equation. First, thing, just don’t overdo thing that will push her away. Breathe and proceed calmly.

Value her space

We all love our space. It’s a given. Her space means the world to her and don’t suffocate her by stalking her in every nook-and-corner to think ultimately, you are the most welcome in her bedroom. Don’t ask about her exes or her past sex life. Trust me, it’s annoying to the core. How would you like if a female friend is at your neck? Think from that perspective. Control your emotions. It’s quite tricky. Who knows she is taking the time to get over the ex-boyfriend or past relationship that hurts? Such things take a long time to heal. Give her time and space to figure things out. Don’t give the impression that you are in a hurry. Take things slowly and harness the relationship.

Improve yourself

Be a stud and a cool dude that doesn’t fret over simple things like ‘friendzoned’, love and romance. You can surprise her by opening the door of the car, surprise with flowers and hold her chair during lunch or dinner. Be desirable. You don’t need to attend to every single call or Whatsapp message she sends and reply as soon as she pinged.  Drop subtle hints. You gotta chill if freak is inherent in your genes. Gentle prod her if there is a special one in her life or she has an interest in someone. Read the signs and if there is a need to move, just do it in a gentlemanly and charming manner. That way, your friendship stays intact. Don’t be Ayan. You may not be Mister Perfect but a real charmer that will earn you respect and be at your charming best. Who knows she may fall for your charm and chase you down the road!

Chuck our niceties

Be naughty and stop being nice for its dull and boring. The days of being nice is gone, dusted and buried. It’s time to play wicked for girls don’t like good boys. Yes! It’s true. Chuck out nice and be real. Stop wearing the cloak of the dude who loves selflessly and gives freely. Wear a tattoo, get drunk, party heavily and hit on women.

For You ladies!

This one is for you, Womaniya! Who says women don’t get friend zoned in the world of Tinder. It’s time to get rid of your Sati Savitri image. Be smoking and piping red hot, wear that super short skirt showing your sexy legs, tone your bodies and flirt shamelessly. In short, sex it up! All of us are tired being just a friend, be it a man or woman.

Learn to let go. It’s a virtue. So, the next time you are friend-zoned, figure it out like a pro, go on a dating spree and come back to see if he or she misses you or nurture feeling. Be honest and share your feeling, not without telling that you are tired of getting into that play zone.



Roar! Screw them! Be dirty!

Spit on society;

Tell em go to hell!

Fuck the rules;

Wear wrong combo of socks!

Torn jeans:

Stench of tobacco:

Go high on weed:

Throw stones on them!

Trip and sleep on deserted street!



Swear Loud!

Fuck the fucking rules!

Scorn at traditions!

Be You!

Create your world!

Who needs society!

Bend the rules!

Break chair and tables!

Tear your bank notes!

Soil your hair in mud!

Don't brush teeth and skip birth!

Be dirty!

Who wanna be clean!


Caressing the soul

Soft murmur!
Your whisper,
striking my soul.
I long for your voice.
Your snippet of conversation is a prayer.
Crooning the tune of life.
Longing for your caress.
I am discovering myself,
Through your world.
Priceless gift.
Kissing your soul.
Growing together,
feeling the freshness of leaves,
swaying to sound of sea waves.
Your smile!
Haunts me to death,
Feeling your fragrance,
wafting through my senses,
piercing through my soul.
Every breath of mine,
bears your name, soul and shadow.



Happy Diwali: Light, love and sweets

Splash of happiness.
Framed moments,
traced with lines of earthen lamps, colors, and sweets.
We call it Diwali.
Tendering a light in our hearts.
Sacred bond of togetherness and friendship.
Adorned new clothes ringing in fresh thoughts, a pure heart capable of love,
and sweet words expressed.
It’s a new day,
filled with freshness.
A cracker life.
Happiness we crave for,
and landing in our palms.
Our struggles and sweet victory taste like motichur ladoo and mouth watering Gulab Jamun.
Igniting light in our soul.
Keep the flame burning.

Happy Diwali


Happy Birthday: What makes me swear by Amitabh Bachchan?

He is the man with the Midas touch. He needs no introduction for crafting acting into a fine art and entertaining us for decades. It’s October 11. The day in itself is an event. Today is Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday, the man who made us laugh, fall in love, romanced, cried and achieved our dreams for decades. I cannot be left behind. I go crazy at the mention of his name, Amitabh Bachchan, who made me love watching movies. After all, he is not known as the angry young man for no reason.

What makes me love Amitabh Bachchan so much? It’s simple. An emotional connection that we share with him and equation that only die-hard Bachchan fans can understand, with whom we share such a deep bond. There is no word to explain such craziness for the Big B, the man who is an institution of acting and an inspiration to me. He remains and will ever remain the one & only. Every film of his is an event that I look forward as a fan and makes a point to wish you on Facebook, Twitter or his blog. Amitabh Bachchan is a phenomenon that cannot be explained in words.

What makes me love Amitabh Bachchan so much? First, it’s his humility and modesty. Despite achieving so much and giving a super hit at the age of 74, Bachchan remains down-to-earth and approaches his craft like a newcomer. Sometimes, we tend to get arrogant but someone of the stature of Amitabh Bachchan reminds us that modesty makes us a learner forever. There is no such thing as putting self on a pedestal and thinking that our achievement is the end of the road. The day we think that we have achieved everything, we stop growing and are finished.

Secondly, it’s his bursting energy. Just imagine that at the age of 74 he can pull off a PINK and carry it on his shoulders to make it one of the biggest hits of the year. If Amitabh Bachchan can do it and work without complaining, why can’t I? He can put me to shame when I complain about life in all its form and whine about getting tired. The age of 74 is not fraught from body ailments and one is not fully in the full PINK of health and despite everything, Bachchan is dedicated and work extremely hard. It gives me hope as a fan to make things work.

Thirdly, Amitabh Bachchan is known in the industry as one of the most professional actors who is famously known for his punctuality on sets. In today’s world, the word, ‘Professional ethics’ seem to lose its sheen where there is often a lack of dedication and disregard for work. We must learn from Bachchan what being a professional means and to always be on time for a meeting or professional assignments. Never complain, always be on time and approach work as your prayer.
Fourthly, Amitabh Bachchan is always an inspiration be it penning a letter to his grand-daughter Aradhya or Navya Naveli and never shies away from speaking on women issues. Bachchan is someone who has always believed in equality of sexes and treated women with utmost respect. At a time, when there is a lack of respect, rape, and assault of women, Bachchan always reminds us of the need to respect women in society to treat them as our equal.

Fifth, his words weave like magic, be it his grain of Philosophy on Kaun Banega Crorepati that makes us believe in the beauty of life, no matter how tough life gets. He has such an effect on me. His mere presence touches the soul. He faces so many criticisms but he mastered the art of silence. Sometimes, silence is the biggest virtue. Amitabh Bachchan has risen from the ashes and emerged as a Phoenix so many times, be it his steering comeback after he was done and dusted with politics or when they buried him when he was heavily into debt. Like the Mohicans, he silenced his critics through his hard work, sheer dedication and the never say die attitude. Or when he was heavily injured on the sets of Coolie or in 2005 when he was hospitalized. 

Like a true superhero, he emerged victoriously and conquered all demons to battle death. He is Amitabh Bachchan. He is my God. Often, when I go through a rough patch, I think how Amitabh Bachchan would tackle problems in life.


Pan Another Day

It’s the mother of ads! Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa. Pierce Brosnan aka James Bond 007, shouts on the roof top Pan Never Goes out of Style! Thank you, James Bond, our latest import. We shall PAN Another Day.

Forget about Fawad or Mahira Khan, the doe-eyed dude has been redefined. It’s our James Bond who flies in style to India and he flung the power of PAN on our foes, spitting balls of fire, mouthing and screaming PAN Another Day. Now, who can kill us when our Brosnan goes local, far from the Brylcreem to go lethal! Pan Bahar substituting as a surgical strike on our sworn enemy Pakistan! I bet our neighbour will stop exporting terror on our land.

No damsel in distress. Ladies! Game for an adrenaline rush to desire a piece of our bearded Brosnan or his flesh smeared Pan Bahar. Heard temperature is soared to a dizzying height to make our females go weak on their knees as our newly imported and adopted Desi version makes Pan Bahar his weapon of mass destruction in style.

Brosnan is not Brexited. Be like Pierce Brosnan. Chew the Pan Bahar. Reeling under shock that Brexit is pushing Brosnan to sweat and pump iron with Pan Bahar. Hey! Pan Bahar is the new secret to longevity. Now, who needs Viagra?  It’s simply Ban Bahar. The scent of Brosnan! Imagine apna Brosnan smearingPan Bahar on his face and body to make the females feel it to the top.  
Our James Bond is the Indian salesman of the year. You are in for a surprise and don’t hit the rock bottom if you see him at the Taj Mahal, greeting you with Pan Bahar wearing traditional white attire. Bas ek Pan Bahar Tandroosti ke liye! Pierce Brosnan is storming its way to make our Sunnys’ irrelevant, Deol and Leone. Pan Another Dude is making redundant Paaji’s  dhai kilo ka haath jab kissi pe utha toh aadmi udhta nahin udh jata hai. Jo Pan Khaye woh udhega aur duniya petal dee nahin hoga.

Pan Bahar will make our dudes fake an ogre and climax of sort pumping fist and iron to win their lady love for it never goes outta style. After all, our man is swooned by super hot damsels for he is the Pan man. Pan Bahar is the new Shastra, hurled at the enemies of the world and he takes the pie sitting on his crown. It’s Pan Bahar! Watch out an old but rejuvenated Brosnan giving tough competition to our macho heroes and the secret potion is Pan Bahar.

Fair N Lovely! You face tough competition by giving false hopes to be fair in today’s world where you are decried on misplaced colour superiority. It’s PAN. Who wanna be fair in today’s world? The buzz word is to rejuvenate the skin. Trust Brosnan to be the ambassador of hope to our waning skin and youthfulness. He’s the messiah and saviour of mankind. Oops! Did I say that? A faded brand getting a kick in the bum and Pan Bahar becomes The Order of the Phoenix, rises from the ashes.

Now, you know why Pan Bahar is trending? The memes and trolls on Pan’s glamour are ringing in bahar for their Mehboob has gone greyish. You imagine them to be a fool! The trolls are stumped with Pan Bahar and trust David O’gilvy to be resuscitated in his grave and burst to life. The stakes are high. O’gilvy pyare wanna grab Pan Bahar. Kya Idea Sirjee! Revise your copy Idea cellular. How about making Donald Trump chew Pan Bahar to knock some sense into his dim wit head? Say Pan Bahaar Trump Baba.

It’s Pan Bahar, the Pierce Brosnan way. Now, don’t keep fleeting hope that we will get back the Kohinoor. It’s lost forever like the twin sons separated at birth at the Kumbh Mela for Her Majesty has already sent us Pierce Brosnan. Take him and we don’t wanna him anymore...in exchange for Kohinoor. And, they ruled on us for decades. Pan Bahar offers new hope. Chew till the last hope for Brexit is buried deep in the grave. If James Bond can give us hope, we shall Pan Another Day.

Now let's sing together, James Bond 007....Pan Another Day 007. Once again! Say Pan...Pan Bahar! Penchan Kamyaabi Ka

Controversially Yours


Between the tiny fingers

Between the tiny fingers,
I tasted life.
Licking like a candy.
I tossed around,
winking and smile.
I woo them.
Prince charming.
Perks of being a baby.
Centre of attention.
I crave and win.
Hardly a matter of hard work.
Caressing my chubby cheek.
Holding me tightly to their chest.
Canoodling my fingers.
God! How I love it so much.



Heaven and Earth

Mirror of pain.
Unrequited love.
Moving heaven and earth.
Liberated soul.
A never-ending quest in this journey.
Pain, love and repressed emotions.
It satisfies the mind.
Sucking emotions.
Compromising the self!
It drains us.
Lost energy!
Life is no selfie or Instagram.
Be alive.
Sparkling stars.
Full moon.
Rippling effect.
Turn adversity into sweet victory.
Feel the love.
It's the climax.



Relationships: The XYZ of it!

I am no expert in relationships. After being in a string of relationships, both longtermish, short and very short that lasted couple of days or weeks or nor dating for years-I ain't sure whether you can call it relationships- and observing people's lives, there is no secret for a healthy and successful ones. There is no such thing as a recipe for a successful living together. It's the small things that make a relation work.

Image sourced from Google/http://dabiramagazine.com/

1. More bak bak and less dhak dhak

Yes! It's true. A relationship is like the jam-packed local train starting from Churchgate to Borivali. In the local train, it's more dhak dhak and less bak bak but in real life, to make the dhak dhak work, you must do bak bak. Once Kajol said, Just talk and talk. It can be anything. Nonsense works most of the time to solve all misunderstandings. As a couple, whether married, living together or just being in a relationship, there is bound to be disagreement or conflict. What do you do next morning? Nopes! I ain't hinting at sex. Just talk and talk. For sure, the conflict or anger will be diluted. Kuch bhi? Of course!

2. Free each other

Love is all about unfettering each other and set totally free to fly and conquer. Or else, it's plain obsession or suffocation. I have seen it among many couples where growing insecurity and low self-esteem crops in when one of the partners speak or harmlessly flirt with another man or woman. Unfortunately, I've seen it coming more from men but also women who control the thoughts of their partners be it on philosophy, ideology, and religion. Be free as lovers and humans. Never enforce your personal beliefs on your partner, A relationship where political, religious or caste belief gains the upper hand is the recipe for disaster. Controlling a person because you love him or her, restricting movements or their choice to party, work till late,what to wear and when to reach home is an absolute No, No!

3. It's me or the Highway

Ego kills a relationship. How can we kill something sacred in its embryo? A moment of anger and words can pierce the heart or tear it into tiny pieces and once unleashed, it cannot be redeemed. A heart is no puzzle game that you can collect and put into a whole. I know it very well. I was immature and my acts damaged a beautiful friendship with an old crush and it took me ten years to say sorry. I often wonder, why do we hesitate so much to bend our back! Bending doesn't make us small or weak. It's a sign of maturity, love, and greatness. A relationship that matters is not defined by Ego and the age old adage, Me or the Highway.

4. Wear your heart on your sleeve

A relationship is not expressed in Head I win, Tail You lose. Such love equation fizzles with time and was never one in the first place. Open the heart and soul naked. Let love flow in equal measure. The idea is to let the person you love enter your heart freely, to touch your inner sense and sensuality. Grow together, accept your flaws and be each other's strength in good and bad times. You can always be a strong pillar of support to each other and don't play hide and seek when it comes to emotions. 

5. Pillow fight

Throw pillow on each other, slug it out and disagree on issues. Being in love or in a relationship doesn't mean you have to agree with each other on every single thing in life. Disagreements don't mean it's the hotbed for conflicts or to make things personal but it is a matter of exploring facets of your respective personalities that you are unaware of and it's another way to get to know each other better. It's a sign of a healthy relationship and learning.

6. Party like wild kids

You've been in a relationship for a long time or are married with kids, slugging your ass in the corporate world. Who says you cannot behave like kids? Party like wild animals, drink like a fish and have the most exotic-cum-spicy sex. Play the game of dating for the first time by pretending to be a stranger in a cafe or pub. Get your friends introduce both you over and again. That's the deal. Be like singles again, do your own things, meet solo friends, go on an adventure trek and don't make your relationship the world in itself that you shunt others. Then, go back to each in an unbarred and bold fashion.


Tender hearts, glittering sun and seamless love

Glittering sun.
Tender hearts.
Swaying to nature.
Calm lake.
Soothing morning.
Soft murmurs of the heart.
Plucking gentle roses.
Brimming smiles.
It's music to the soul.
Our surrounding.
Heaven on earth.
Speaking one language, to
birds, swans, and nature.
Emotions know no boundary.
Seamless love.
Solace moments.
Connect with the beauty of life.
Embracing the winds of change.
Close the eyes.
Feel the vibes.
Spread the love.



Fragrance of the Mind

Fragrance of the mind.
Seduces the soul.
Stroking the heart.
Caressing the senses.
A journey.
Lifetime memory.
Making every second matter.
Seeking solo companionship.
Loving every part of my existence.
It's me.
Self-love conquers all.
Companionship throughout the night.
Lonely nights!
Who says?
It's togetherness.
Discovering the self and beauty within.
Exquisite joy.
O! Seeker.
You are beautiful and unique.
Unwavering the secret!
Eyes glitter at the pot of gold.
Bare open the soul.
I am golden.
I am priceless.
Love thyself.

With love


Heart is not made of PINK

His voice choked with emotions. The thin and frail young man's mouth oozed blood, bore scratch and his body was bruised. He crawled and limped his way to the court. They were out to get him, The gang wouldn't rest till they settled scores with him. He wanted to be a savior when they dragged the girl at the abandoned and decrepit mill in Old Bombay. He stopped to pee behind the building and lit a cigarette when he heard a girl's cry of despair which they forcefully dragged to rape. 

The good samaritan that he was always taught to respect and protect a woman's honor. After all, he was born from the womb of a woman. How can he pretend that nothing happened? He is a common man and he couldn't beat those four ruffians who were trying to gang rape an innocent woman. He threw a stone on one of the assailants and hit him on the head. Stones were unfurled like a barricade of guns, The gang was distracted and ran for cover. In the flick of seconds, he ran towards the girl and shouted, "Just pull your clothes. We don't have time. Let's run."

They ran for their life and breathed profusely. They fell down while trying to cross the bridge, skin bruised while pushing away branches and thorns. The ruffians were within touching distance. The girl was finally to jump the metal roof and crossed the bridge but he fell down.  She turned around and stopped. He shouted at her, "Just run for your life. You can make it. Go, I tell you." She had no choice and in no time, sprinted like a mad woman on the busy street.

He couldn't move. They pounced and beat him to death."You are a saint. You saved her. Now, who will save you from us? Acting like hero and all! Do you hero giri now. See how life is pricey. We will torture you to death."

They kept him inside the dark and dilapidated building for days. The woman's life was saved and much against her parents' wishes, she boldly filed a case at the police station and called the media. This random guy saved her life. She is going take a stand and fight her way to save the guy's life. Her heart is not made of pink. Her favorite color is Pink but it has no gender. Pink is the color of humanity. She doggedly decided to fight for her ideals. The culprits will be brought to book.

The case was heard at the Bombay High Court. The prosecution lawyer hearing was heard and the judge decided to give another hour for the witness to reach court. The defense lawyer argued that she is cooking a story and conspiring to frame three innocent boys who belong to honorable families.

The kidnapped man gave the ruffians a slip and crawled his way in the rainy weather. He slipped and fell down several times, hit by bullets in the legs and finally made his way out, zigzagged on the busy street like a beggar to reach court. He collapsed on the table. The defense lawyer showed the video clip on the mobile. The three men were given life sentence.

A young man stood for a young girl at the cost of his life when probably most of them would feign ignorance owing to fear. A girl raised her voice against the system at the cost of being maligned as a prostitute.

A heart is not made of PINK. Two young people choose to make PINK the color of life, justice and ideology.

Pink-The film releases on Friday, September 16. It's a story that revolves around three Delhi-based girls who crosses path with a yesteryear lawyer played about Amitabh Bachchan. The ensemble cast comprises Taapsee Pannu, Angaad Bedi, Kirti Kulhari, Andrea Taring and Piyush Mishra. Produced by Shoojit Sircar, the film is directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury. Pink is not just a film but a thought, an idea about morality and the system. How far would you go to stand for something which is morally right? Pink answers your questions that perhaps warrant a change in mindset, questioning your beliefs and shaking the system.

The film has already garnered positive reviews among the film industry and critics has showered praise, terming it as the film to be watched this year. Wear PINK and watch the film. Releasing all over. The suspense is out today.



Second and Final: 'I am not your Boyfriend'

It's a surprise. Thanks for loving the Campus Romance: I am not your Boyfriend. Since many of us told me that I shouldn't have killed the female character in the story, here I come with a sequel, the final and last part. Hope you will enjoy it. This time, I take it to another level. Go and read.

'I am not your Boyfriend: Final and last

A gentle fur caressed his face and stroked his lip. Icy cold air wafted in the spur of the moment and touched his skin. ‘Ouch,’ it felt so cold. A chilled sensation ran and captured his body like a stream of electric current. He felt a gentle hand, cupped his face and caressed slowly. A sharp and invisible finger pressed his face. It felt so unreal. The gentle and feminine hand disappeared out of the blue.
Lips melted. Their mouths meshed in a passionately long smack, tongues swirled their way to heaven. It was bliss. Karan wondered, “Am I dreaming? Who is this invisible woman? She bit his ear and ran her fingers on his chest.

He stood naked. A svelte feminine shadow held his hand and they traversed the moon in a jet speed movement. Lightning struck. His vision was blurred. The soothing voice told him, “Don’t be afraid. It’s only, Me and you. Everything is so perfect. Let’s make love. I am standing naked in front of you. It’s not our bodies that stand light and uncovered but our souls. You will not see me now in flesh. We no longer belong to the physical world. Be with me.”

He was confused but gave himself to her. Karan felt her breast, naked body, and lip but couldn’t see her. The voice is familiar. Suddenly, mystic music gyrated loud. It was intriguing and mysterious. He felt helpless. Somehow, he felt light like a soul and his pain has mysteriously waned away. “Am I alright? Where has the blood gone when my head hit the floor?” he asked.

The last thing he vaguely remembered was Shraddha’s letter in the hospital became wet with his tears and everything suddenly went blank after that. He fainted and sloppily tripped on the white ceramic floor in the hospital, oozing blood.

“Shraddha,” a voice with the innocence of child curled inside his ears. “Love! You couldn’t bear this shock. I saved the girls from you. You would have troubled them too much by not loving them but only me. You must be aware that you are with me in this world, our world. You will realize that we are surrounded by love and not grief. We have left that world of turmoil behind.”
Shraddha’s words were not making sense to Karan. He felt that he was hallucinating. But, their souls are intertwined together and belonged to the universe that no ordinary mortal could reach out to. He was ushered in a garden filled with berries, white roses, and snowy flakes.

She took a human form and kissed Karan on his cheek, “It’s our garden. It’s made and filled with love which is free of attachment. It will not be the garden of hate or lust.  How the world crucified Adam and Eve...the apple of sin they called it. Love is no sin. Our love is pure. We shall consume the apple of love. No one will crucify us here. It’s just Me and You, soul and spirit. Love needs no flesh.”
The words struck Karan like a stroke of lightning. Slowly, the events unfurled in front of him, Shraddha dying in the hospital, the love letter and how he lost his life. He could feel the purity of his limitless love for Shraddha and was grateful to the universe which conspired to bring them together. They were united in death. Now, they belong to another world, faraway from ordinary mortals and humans. Their spirit became One. The garden of love is bliss. It is their abode where none shall trouble them and human jealousy, bondage and attachment know no place.

“Come with me,” Shraddha smiled. Her fingers pointed at the hospital bed where the bodies of Karan and Shraddha were lying next to each other. Their parents were crying. Karan wanted to say, “Don’t cry. Do not kill us. We are alive.” He smiled and held Shraddha in his arms.

They made love on the snowy bed, lying naked into each other’s arms. Shraddha’s breathed in and out, while Karan smiled and looked into her eyes. “Don’t ever say, I am Not Your Boyfriend for our love has no boundary. Don’t give it a name,” Shraddha playfully slapped his face.

Who says happy ending doesn’t happen in paradise? They bit the apple. No one crucified or stoned them to death. There was no one to judge. They shall love unconditionally, never doubting their feelings.
The end.


Ganesha's revelry in jest

Image sourced from: https://www.facebook.com/Mumbai.Daily/photos/Lalbaug cha Raja
Trunk God,
My friend Ganesha.
Dance in his revelry.
Celebrating his visit,
as if we are pumping iron!
Blowing the conch.
The great arrival.
Bursting through the cloud,
winking at us from the skies.
It's Ganesh Chaturthi!
Singing in his praise.
Showering with flowers,
to garner his attention.
Bappa, our friend and soul mate.
Crowd going berserk,
making merry till the morning.
Loud music blasting.
Any reason is good enough to celebrate Bappa.
Mumbai comes to a standstill this Ganpati.
May wisdom and reason prevail this season.
Celebrating our unity.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.



Be the Light feather

Light feather. I feel like the lightning piercing through the sky and stars in nightfall. Surrounded by vibes and energy flow transported across the skies, magical hues unfurl. You get the drift, right!

September started with a good kick in the ass. It’s sensual. Pause. Sexy weather. Pause. I know the feeling. I trust the gut instinct. Happiness hovering above the head like the helicopter. You know kids prance in excitement when the plane fly above the sky as if they gonna touch it. Such raw orgasm of the mind!

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It’s the vibes, dearies. It takes the form of a beautiful woman, feminine in appeal yet she wields a certain aura and power. A friend. We used to hang out during the students days at Barista in SoBo (South Mumbai). Nopes, before you get ideas, there wasn’t and there is no sexual, physical or romantic attraction. The spark that flew in my direction is on a different planet. She always gave me the powerful vibes and energy that ushers in goodness, happiness and the extraordinary. It’s such a magical feeling. I can sense it.

We reconnected after eight years on Facebook. I swear. I know. It’s so fucking long. I came across her profile on Linkedin and somehow, she became a contact. I didn’t realize. It’s only after gleaning on profiles on my contacts that I was like, ‘Oh! That’s her!’ I am extremely proud of her. She is doing so well as a fashion designer having worked with the leading voices in the film and style industry.

I ping her on FB. I thought success would change her or she would be arrogant or something. Even if she doesn’t reply, that’s okay. After all, it’s been so long. We do move on in life to do our thousand things.

She replied after one and a half months. That was on the last day of August. We had this nice chat on FB messenger, harking to the past and the days at Barista. The creamy crowd during the halcyon days but it’s no longer same same, she says. We gotta catch up when I come back to India.

The lady gives me such powerful vibes. I admire her confidence, aura, and presence that leave anyone speechless. I call her a Goddess. We finished our chat at 9 pm or something. I was expecting some news regarding my fees. I checked the office mail past midnight. Got the good news at 9.30 p.m. I believe it’s interlinked. It’s all about spreading positive energy and kindness. It’s a circle of happiness.

There were minor hiccups during the day. Finally, I got my fees for the month today. The first thing I do is fork out a bomb for this Levi’s jeans with 50 percent discount at the outlet and getting some grocery. I sip an amazing coffee. It’s not a question of money but how awesome it makes you feel inside getting your favourite brand. I believe in treating the self. We owe it to the soul.

It’s giving me the superb feeling as the winds flew, gently caressing the face and the cold cupping like a heavenly kiss on the cheek. Spreading the flow of energy in abundance to reach everyone. It’s a chain of happiness. I know my good times