Befikre Love or the changing tide of relationships

The definition of love has altered like the game of truth and dare, holding no bare and getting bolder in an expression of sipping a steamy hot cup of coffee. The young generation doesn't seek moral approval and indulges in intimacy, kissing minus the emotional baggage. It's love, the Befikre way of expressing emotions minus the commitment quotient.

The game of love is altering over time. It's the same Adi Chopra who gave us one of the most beautiful love stories, DDLJ where the hero refuses to elope with his lady love, choosing to tread the unchartered path. In Befikre, Vani Kapoor shamelessly says, I am just checking his ass, a far cry from DDLJ where love meets tradition. The Ranveer Singh-Vaani Kapoor starrer is all about tapping the pulse of generation next of kissing, making out and forgetting next day.

In an age where couples use electric gadgets as a substitute for sex and intimacy-Yes! A friend just wrote about it in a newspaper column- love can best be expressed as guilty and sinful pleasure, chucking out the heavy emotional balance. Films are an imitation of real life. The practicality of making out at a time when people are busy in their professional life and an increasing reluctance to commit which takes a toll on life provides the much-needed snuggling comfort and emotional balance for humans. We are busy, as humans. Believe it or not, we are still humans and we long for that emotional touch whether it's long distance love, soppy romance, a touch is all we need. It doesn't matter whether we crave for the momentary pleasure or seeking a long term affair. 

Loving and living the Befikre way has been echoed in several India Today year sex survey where the young generation look for thrill not just in big cities but also in small towns. For instance, the youth are on Tinder and other mobile applications to check out for a date that fulfills the missing gap in their lives.

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The young generation believes on the in-your-face mantra of living and letting live. They are never shy in telling on the face what they think about love and being clingy is a matter buried in the past. Independence, be it in a relationship or living away from parents is what they look for. It's the change which mirrors a society which is ever-evolving where dating doesn't equate to falling in love but living in the present.

Love seeks no moral justification. There was the time of Heer-Ranjha, Laila-Majnu, Till Death Do Us Apart or couples eloping and fighting out the patriarchal definition of fulfilling social and dogmatic obligations. The concept of human relationships has always evolved. Befikre love is not telling us something new that will blow our minds. 

Every generation has got a tale of relationship to narrate and it's high time for us to accept the change that ushers with time, The generation gap is just an excuse to oppose everything by flinging the high moral ground of how our generation was superior in moral outlook. It's simple: Adapt to the change or perish.

Be a befikre in love. Grow up in each and every relationship to chuck out attachments that kills the beauty of romance.

Befikre Love

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