Name choosing and name calling! Taimur is a name, relax Troller!

Social media can be disgusting. Trollers are the most pathetic idiots wearing blinkers and the garb of misplaced patriotism to give the world lessons. It's the most shameful thing that happened when Kareena Kapoor Khan gave birth to a baby boy and christened him Taimur Khan to see Twitter resorting to all kind of name calling and insults. We are shameful as people.

What's in a name? one is tempted to ask. The kind of hate that poured on Twitter reveals the character of people sitting idle and not doing anything worthwhile on the internet. It's a shame how some people are hating the parents, Saif and Kareena, and the innocent baby that came into this world. I mean, how ridiculous can it get with folks who got nothing to do with the child, resort to name calling and questioning the patriotism of the parents. Nowadays, everyone decides for the other. What is the relationship between the name of a child and patriotism?

Minding one's own business is something that most of us don't get and we barge uninvited into the lives of others, claiming to be the biggest patriots of all. Those social media bigots had a field day, questioning the parents and it's shameful to see the name calling, slut shaming, and verbal abuse. It makes one wonder whether isn't it high time to send the abusers to jail for spreading such hatred. There are so many national issues, such as demonetisation, corruption and how to make India better as a country rather than poking one's nose into other people's personal matters.

We have become such fearless bastards wearing a veil and hiding behind social media to type 140 odd words as if it's our sole claim to fame. Such trollers go on a rampage, thinking it's their birthright to save the world and we are the new soldiers to guard the country against names. At least, do something better with your life. Spewing such abuse rather than spreading love reflects on our herd and stone age mentality! It shows what kind of upbringing such haters have got and how desperate they can get. It's such a sick mentality.

Perhaps, it's a psychological thing for such spineless 'bastards' to show their chauvinism and aggression on the internet. It shows one thing: How suppressed emotions we have and we get a sadistic pleasure in venting out on people that never harmed us in the first place. I wonder on this form of defense mechanism to justify on our own shortcomings as human beings. We are the first one to be racist. It's just a name people. You have a name. No one hates you for that. Your name doesn't make you a patriot or a good human being but it's your deeds.

One can only hope that we will be more compassionate and spread love rather than hatred as we usher in a brand new year. It's the very least we can do in our personal life, relationships and on social media. Make a vow not to be spineless to attack an innocent baby. It's not cool to mock someone or spread hatred, questioning their patriotism. 

Happy New Year 2017.
Be the change

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