A chrismassy story

Xmas bells tinkling
Whispers of white bearded Santa.
The lullaby of love.
Stars shining in dreams.
A prayer for love and togetherness.
May no child is starved and deprived of love, food and toys.
Spread the cheers.
Fill the heart with love and not hatred, intolerance or prejudice.

Merry X-mas

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There are quite a few Xmas stories where I waited with bated breath for Santa Claus as a child, polishing my shoes in shining black on the eve with the hope to secretly watch the protruded belly of the white bearded dude filling them with toys. I waited vainly at night. The excitement went for a  toss when I slept.

Trust the parents to fool you with the lamest excuses on Xmassy Day that I shouldn't have slept and Santa in red hood waited in vain but had to leave since he is old and must attend to so many children. I innocently asked whether they gave him Coke that I made Dad buy for him. I was told he had a little in a mug. I stormed my way and forgot about Santa's plight to possessively clutch the toy gun, lego and cars that Santa gave me and showed to the neighbor children.  

Spasm of Xmas memory and naughty me flashes in the mind as if it was yesterday only that I was a child. I remember the fancy toy guns and funky yellow paper sunglasses that I forced Mom to buy at the shop when I almost broke in tears to have them all. Tears and children, I tell you! It's the best weapon to fake mass destruction of the heart as if the world gonna end.

It was the same story every Xmas for me when I smartly rolled on the floor in front of shops lining up flashy and colorful toys. My objects of fascination were always guns and cars.  Mom got wind of this natak that she called a cop doing sentry and in no time, I was up in arms. Of course, not without sulking. On another occasion. I would ask Mom for my bath and was ready by 2 o'clock, waiting for Dad to come home early since he promised so that we would all go together to buy my toys. I waited and waited with patience, fearing that Pop will come late today. I almost cried. 

Finally, Dad came and went out. Once. I got a bicycle as Xmassy present and the next day, tricking Pop to get me an automatic police van for 75 bucks only. You press on it and the engine rolls back. What fun it was! The magic and hot wheels, 

It was Xmas day and I wanted this toy vehicle but Mom wouldn't relent. She had to visit some relatives and once she was out, I convinced Dad to take me to that shop to buy choco. When we went there, I grabbed the toy and never relented to let it go. I was Pop's favorite and he had no choice after all for the apple of his eyes. See! Emotional blackmail always worked for me.

Merry Merry Xmas N Love

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