Crush Spot

Crush! This magical fairytale of falling in love with someone special as films, novels and stories paint an idyllic definition of the perfect person whose shortcomings we learn to blindly ignore. We revel, 'How smoking hot and beautiful she or he is.' A moment of thunder that pierces the heart and makes us vibrate to the tune of mushy Hindi romantic songs and as lovelorn us leap and fly in the air.
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It's our crush spot whether we are teens, growing adults or mature men and women. It's love in the air and the wind of change make us go sheepishly red. Crush is a hot virus that looms in the atmosphere that leaves no one immune to it. Certainly, not hearts longing for that touch, intimate kiss or making out in the open or dark garden that would put Adam and Eve to shame.

1. Teeny weeny love

Remember our teen days where our hearts were beating for the damsel carrying herself with grace in the bright yellow skirt or blue jeans that made our hearts beating frantically. It's how we go blind in love for that person where we race against time to introduce ourselves and propose with a red rose. The holding of hands and shyly kissing on the cheek and progressing to the lip as we bury our heads in shame for indulging in sin and again, looking tenderly into each other's ears before whispering sweet little nothings. I remember penning secret poems and love letters! Hey, my generation was not ahead of its time for we never dared to make out on the first date.

2. Love Duet

Memories of crush spot seem like wanna singing a love duet the Hindi films way where romance was all about flashy clothes or gentlemanly suit and the lady love in saree, going full swing the romantic way. The five minutes song was all about telling an entire lifetime of romance and love, to our crush how we will make the most beautiful couple on earth. The simplicity of calf love, the longing and how easily our heart broke into tiny pieces before the Crush Spot easily moves to another target. Time for another love duet. How our C-Spot changes from one romantic interest to another, as we seek to find idyllic romance.

3. Breezy touch

Silly lil' crush stroke our senses like the electrifying jolt that smears our G-spot and feels like a breezy touch on our skin that reminds us that we are mortals that gotta behave like one...you know kissing, intimacy and having sex.  There is no age or reason to have a crush on someone and whether it's in sweet 16, college days or mid-30s, it makes us dream of love and kissing with the same burning passion. Love is a breezy touch that doesn't spare us, a bit like Harry Potter magic wand. The best thing is crushing on someone makes us youthful in our hearts and minds, going back to the first days of crush spot and suddenly, life becomes so beautiful and jazzy. Believe in love, bare and dare to make love shedding the cloak of shame to tread the unchartered body zones or territory. It may be a harmless fling but works wonders for your soul.

4. Labon ka Karobar

Cut to 2016. Crush spot is the zone of ending it all with passionate kiss and smooches, exploring every inch and zone to taste nectar on the lip. It's the generation of millennials where Gen X doesn't shy in getting intimacy inked on the first date and indulging in Labon ka Karobaar. It's the changing equation in relationships, crushes which nowadays is more like one night stand or casual sex, for that matter. The crush zone is getting hotter by the day with the new age, dudes and babes indulging in kissing and forgetting but not telling. Crush spot has differed for each generation and time for us in our middle age to accept how Gen X do it and indulge in fun.

With Love
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