India ne Diya Ghumake

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What a match?Heart pounding, anxious moments there were as India took on Pakistan in this nerve wrecking semi final @Mohali. India got a good start as Virender Sehwag lifted the pressure off the team a lil bit. Then, Pakistan took over and gave us a tough time. We lost our wickets in the form of Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh and our own master blaster, Sachin. At that moment, the euphoria died a bit, I must admit and started to lose hope. We managed 260 runs at the end of the first innings.
I had to leave the match at the start of the second half and went to the bank. As I came back home, I  rushed back home to be in front of my computer to watch on line. I am not in India right now and had to content myself with some net link..Slowly, Pakistan crumbled and their wickets fell. I was praying and slowly the wonderful Indian team, whether Yuvraj, master blaster Sachin and Bhaji-Harbhajan Singh contributed to the down fall of Pakistani wickets, I couldn't hold myself and became so so excited.
Best moments came from Yuvi who in the flick of four overs brought down two wickets from Pakistan and Sachin marvellous catch and Bhaji's antics. We waited for the ouster of Afridi and we prayed god to fetch his wicket prayer answered. I've put it as my status update on FB and a college pal replied..done.It was such an emotional moment. Pakistan's eight wickets were done and I couldn't wait for the magical moment to come and we were in the final of the World Cup for the third time. It's such a moment in life when you truly miss the fire crackers, the roaring celebrations on the streets. 
India finally did it and with style. It's a proud moment in the life of every India and it makes it even more beautiful coz its Pakistan and we outclassed them. Cheers to Zaheer Khan, Nehra, Dhoni, Yuvraj, Harbhajan and our legend Sachin Tendulkar. It was superb, emotional..Yea, what a match.Diya Ghumake:)
Proud to be an Indian
Our boyzzz made it:)


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Not Just a One night stand

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He opened his eyes and looked at his watch. It was just 3.45 a.m in the morning as he went in the kitchen, made a coffee and took a fag from his cigarette case. He opened the window from his Bandra appartment and looked at the view down. The few taxi wallahs, the Mumbai cops on Bandstand and few boys and girls chased away.
Ranveer always have coffee and cigarette after sex. As she looked at her, she was fast asleep and the gorgeous smile on her face gave him the impression that she would wake up at any moment. Flashback:
Hi I am Jahnvi, what u up to? Sorry!I mean can I have a cigarette.
Cool!not an issue..waiting for some friends.
Nopes,just came for a round here..I'm shit bored here . Just moved from Delhi and here I am to pursue Mass comm at Xavier's.
Well, I am a writer and work in a bank just to sustain myself in Mumbai.
I stay here only. only 2 km from the sea..Paani puri..yea!why not?
Any girlfriend?
Nopes, single.
I just broke up with mine as I had to shift to Mumbai.
Let's go and have a hot Capuccino at barrista.
Ranveer couldn't understand why he didn't told her that he just broke up with his girl friend 30 minutes ago in the same place they are having coffee.
Yeah,man. I need to get laid.I need a man.
My house is just 2 km away.
Let's spill the coffee. I love the no-strings attached relationship with a handsome hunk.
Please don't tell me I am your FB.
Nice line to befriend me on Facebook.
Babe, I'm referring to Fuck buddy.
It's been two weeks. They met through sheer chance and Jahnvi proposed sex and Ranveer went along. Since then, she 'z been forever in his flat and holding hands as they walk down the aisle at Bandra Bandstand. She took her towards the rocks and he kissed her. She said I love and both couldn't understand why.
As he took a puff of Wills cigarette, he ponders on whether it's love. It's not just sex but they have a connect. Let it go till it goes and till then, they are enjoying each and every moment of togetherness. 


Worries behold

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Happy Holi. A belated one and Happy b'day to whoever in this part of the world who are celebrating b'day. Folks are truly special!Not a bad way at all to start!!What say?
In some ways or another, we all special. Don't they say it, Every child is special.Truly blessed Prasoon Joshi and Amir Khan. We are special and restless beings. it do brings a certain sense of insecurity in life. We belong to the global world of natural worriers, meaning human beings. We worry of passing the exams, then landing in a good jod with lotsa moolah!Then, we worry in what part of the world we sshall be. A truly tensed moment in life. Where would I be in five years time and what I shall be doing?/Joining the corporate world and climb up the latter as CEO?Happily married with 2 kids or divorce..Fuck,bhenchod,mera kya hoga!!!Pertinent yet complex questions.
Frankly, I haven't been able to master the questions as to what and where I shall be?I believe it is the huge ego ego deep inside me that is causing such worries in life. Most of the time we end up worrying on something that's just not gonna happen. The more we try to push stuffs off, the more they will be integrated in our mind and affect us. The best thing to do is to let the mind be  a passive observer to things and everything that matters.Gurus call it the power of consciousness.
We all love to have a better life, a better job and surrounded by people who matters the most to us. It gives us a sense of comfort in life and very few of us like being pushed. Ironically,in adversity or failure,lies success and vice versa. I think most of us,including myself, really hates venturing out of the comfort zone and lying within the storms of life.It leads to nausea,one would argue. But,if we don't venture, we won't feel the nausea and just by hearing things are bad, it can't be possibly bad. Things to ponder ove. Food for thought!Cranberries to taste.
Let's all be special. My point is why worry for tomorrow and grow restless out of nothing. One can never know when life can get over with the earthquakes and shakes happening all over. Enjoy every second of life and enjoy the milk shake. Things will fall into place.
Good M'nin


10 things about Mumbai

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The most fascinating, enigmatic city on earth. The name is Mumbai, island city or as we describe it as surrounded by the Arabian sea.Hold on!Fascinating stuffs about the city and you know you are here when
1. One spots the black yellow cabs when you enter the city from any part of India, via the Panvel, Khargar route when our dear cabbies silently ferry passengers to their destination in the city that never sleeps. One could see the passengers reading the newspapers, smoking or peeping at the views of the city-this one for people who have just landed in the city for the first time or the admirers of Mumbai.

2. Local trains
As the local trains seep through the railway stations and the maddening crowd jostled inside the jampacked trains to Churchgate, Andheri and Vihar and when the street urchins loudly break into 50s, 60s songs in exchange for some paise.The sensation felt as the trains rattled past the station and at the speed two trains crosses each other's path is breath taking and the vroom vroom rush felt towards one's face as if the energy has been splashed all over the faces. It makes one a commuter and a Mumbaikar for life. Pride of belonging to maximum city.

3.Chowpatthy beach.
Be it Juhu chowpathy or plain chowpathy, adjacent Wilson college in the Tardeo vicinity, one is charmed at the livid city. Be it the guys selling coconuts, channa or Kulfi, you feel your city exudes a distinct charm which no other city possess.I may be biased here but it is what belonging to one city makes us. Sitting there and popping paani puri is one of ma favourite activity on the beach.

4. Chittrapathi Shivaji Terminus(CST)
During the Victorian and British rule VT and now CST, our central lines station stands out as the most historically rich station and is a must visit place to have a feel of Mumbai or Bombay as it was known during a certain era. The clock which is easily spotted standing at the chowk, amidst the crazy traffic and honks. That's Mumbai for you. 

5. Haji Ali
The dargah. Take a train from Churchgate, alight at Mumbai Centrl and take our red Best bus, which by the way, is a significant characteristic of the city and here you are at the dargah, surrounded by the sea. Treat yourself to an ice cream falooda. As one gets on the way to the dargah, this beautiful, romantic place is surrounded by numerous traders selling chadar, flowers which you shall offer, paying obeisance to Baba. As you stroll on the long way to Haji Ali, surrounded on both sides by sea water, you encounters unfortunate crippled mortals begging for Alms. the dargah itself is very crowded, receiving visitors of all faith. It is a very soulful and peaceful place and I was there quite often,sipping chai and eating samoosas in the Poor man's canteen. Yeah, right that's the name of the canteen.Enter the dargah, tie the tabeez on the cement poles and silently make a vow and offer the chadar and pray. legend has it that whatever one ask in the dargah is obtained as Baba silently transmit your wishes to the Great Almighty.

6. Siddhi Vinayak mandir
The Ganesh mandir is one of the most visited place of worship on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Straight from Dadar station and be there early Tuesday morning, you may well spot the entire Bachcahn clan, Amitabh,Abhishek, Aishwarya and Jaya as wella s Jeetendra, Tushar and Ekta Kapoor who are stout devotees. The mandir is no less than the airport and security is tight. First experience, spent a good 2 hours standing, queuing for the Ganesh Arti. Don't expect to leisure sit and pray.Give your offerings to the officiating priests and calmly step back and pray to Lord Ganesha coz there is a huge crowd and you just be shunted for not letting others pray. The Lord is highly demanded and we get few seconds of fame, standing face to face. Do not forget to whisper in the mice ears and your wishes shall be given a patient hearing. Ask it and you shall get it. Don't ever forget your promise to the Ganesha.

7.Marine Drive, Bandstand, Shivaji Park.
They are all my favourite places in Mumbai. My first days in Mumbai were spent on the alley at Marine Drive more precisely listening to Kalindi-purani jeans on Radio Mirchi. It makes for lovely evenings and remains my most memorable nights in Amchi Mumbai. In the morning, take a walk from one end,Vasant Vihar appartment, next to C-road, Churchgate or ITC hotel towards the end of Nariman point or towards Barrista. Sitting during the early morning,watching the sunrise and reading Times of India or Midday. Bandra bandstand is another favourite place of mine. Amitabh Bachchan's office, Salman Khan's galaxy appartment, Aishwarya's  flat and SRK's famous Mannat is just round the corner. Sit at Barrista or CCD reading a book, sipping a coffee staring at the seaface is a relaxing experience or you might just sit on the rocks as the wind gushes on your face. Yehi hai Zindagi yaar..Go to Shivaji Park,another beautiful and typical Maharashtrian place in Mumbai and there is the beach, the park and Barista. The most beautiful and sexy Barista outlet, frequented by a class crowd, college students. You are in for a treat.Shivaji Park is a must visit place once in your life.

8.Rajabhai Tower
The Fort area constructed during the British rule house the University of Mumbai at Fort and the famous, historical library and it  bears the name of Scott. The library bears all the marks of the British rule, right from the doors, stairs, wooden tables, chairs and even some fans. The most famous Rajabhai Tower is located on the peak of the library. From the stadium or from Eros Theatre, one can have a beautiful view of the famous Rajabhai Tower. Hordes of tourists visit the famous Rajabhai Tower.

9. Mohamed Ali Road
The famous and beautiful Muslim place is the Mohamed Ali Road where there are so many distinct and exquisite Muslim food. You are in for a treat during Eid after Muslims break their fast. The place is beautifully crowded and the place is charming, vibrant coupled with sellers displaying Muslim calenders, books and other beautiful things associated with Islam. The food is delicious and here you enter the festive mood.

10. Monsoons
Can Mumbai be complete without the monssons. As the first droplet rains showers on the city,just get out of your house and roam freely on Marine drive. Get drenched as the sea wind shake violently on the city and the black umbrellas compete for space. Watch the kids play football on the streets. Monsoon is special in Mumbai as it makes the city colorful.
Truly Amchi Mumbai. 1000 things bout maximum city to be unleashed in a book.
Mee Mumbaikar


Effective ways to break up with your gal-For males only

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If there is something I wanna change bout you, it's that you are a sick bitch who always love emotional blackmail to get things done in your favor. You are such a shameless bitch and I just wanna tell you during sex how I hate such crap. It's one thing I hate the most bout you. The worse part is how do you use sex to make yourself desirable and makes me run around.
Hey fellas!It's the sure shot to get the hell of your babe out of your life.

The second pointer to get rid of her--ok tread with caution here:
Go to her house and after kissing her and making up in the kitchen, take her cell phone and send lovey dovey messages to your ex or some love interests. When she replies back, don't delete the message or better still,don't pick up the phone.Let her discover your antics and in no time, they will communicate-your ex-ex and your to be ex.Be ready to face her wrath, drama before she becomes your ex.
Here's the big one an dis one sure to awake the dead volcano, the tigress inside her. Propose sex to her best friend or one of her shopping cum gossip cum kitty party compagnion. Gals love to gossip and it will be an occasion to screw you. Next moment, you walk in happily without her and heave fresh air around.
Always drop a nice,flirting line on the Face Book profile of the female,classmate she hates the most for being a boy friend stealer.Pointer, how you doing,babe?Let's catch up sometimes over coffee at CCD. Now, this one is tsunami and it's the best way for her to break up with you. See, you gotta no effort to make and she'll be the one pulling the plug.
Never stick to the thing she loves people around her  to do or indulge in things she hates the most.Of she likes you wear yellow short, wear pink always and if she looks at you, make as if you can't get the vibes. Act terribly weird. Or, keep her room in a mess and through your clothes on the bed,use plates and mugs in the kitchen and keep them idle somewhere if she's a clean maniac kind of chick.
Be the devil and why we should always run around and designed to so by the women to do stuffs they wanna us to do?Point noted!!!Like I hate being the kind of good guy the chicks think I am. I wanna be mean,evil and have grey in me.I urge all of you m,en folks to do so. Be mean to your gal friend, live in partner and wife but not to your awesome female friends.Let's be mean and as it is, chicks,babes whatever we call them,love mean guys.So,guyzzzz what are you waiting for?/If they can gang up against us,the feminists so can we for a change!!!!!!!
Here we go.



The sea and the tide of life

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Standing on the sea rocks, the water violently dashes against the sea bank,as it splutters on my face.
I bend down and pour the salt water in my hand and let it flow in the sea.
Our life is like sea and high tide comes to elevates us all.
At some point, the water remain still, so does our lives.
Life itself is like the huge sea and it embraces us all.
As humans, we have the inherent ability to withstand the storms and we go get carried by the huge Tsunami.
It's god warning to us.
No matter how big we become,let's stay and play modest.
We can never know how the sea storm may take us away.
What shall remains are ruins.
Our emotions felt are like the seas.
Sometimes we vent it out and sometimes we repress it for fear of being judged.
We cry as if telling the sea to take our tears.
But, we want to tell the sea to take us in some faraway place where our energy flows-love,sea,tears,anger,sadness will be freely expressed.
A wish that our life shall bear the stillness of the seas.
No tornado,floods shall wreck our existence.
Yet,life is a mirror image of our life and we are pushed to the extreme.
Either we learn to swim on the spur of the moment and reach the banks.
We emerge the strongest.
Or, we choose to get carried away by the storm as our dead body floats on the water surface.
The sea water and our life are intertwined together, soul is the sea and the sea becomes the body.


Mom's a woman..Happy Mom Day

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Happy International Mom's Day..U know why coz Mom's a woman..ah!Corny line!Someone in college said that in front of an audience during college days..I love all women coz my Mom's a woman..Ah!There were some round of applause and some boos as well. It sucked to the core.
Yesterday, was the International Women Day and I take a bow to all women who juggled their professional career,taking care of the kids and husband and were able to shine through. There are also the home makers who take care of the house, those admirable ladies who had the guts to sacrifice an interesting career to take care of the kids.Mom is one of them and she choose to abandon her career in the 70s as a supervisor in a textile industry to take care of me.Silly me! 
Move over the ladies and let's jump right to me. Something that may be termed memory or partial memory loss been happening to me.Met Meghna on G-Chat and here the conversation goes:
Meghna to me:You didn't wished me..
Me: Is it ur bday..Happy Birthday..oops!I'm bit lost nowadays..should have checked in my diary.
Meghna to Me: Check again
Feel Meghna was angry and  sent her bday wish by sms, offering thousand apologies
She shoots back,dude it's not my b'day.
Now,I'm crest fallen and I'm oh how on earth did I fucked up!!!
Meghna to me: Google
Immediately I Google celebrations..International Women Day.
Partial memory loss on Women's Day. See, that's the power of Women and they can't really make your brains go awry..Thank god, we are not in the same city or else she would have killed me for mistaking Women day for her b'day.Never ever do that,it makes them furious.Powerful ladies!!!!They make you go Kaput, the confuse your heart,mind and head. As it is, don't we fall in love with them and we start taking care of our body,cutting the hair,polish our appearances and they drive us into doing stuffs which we would consider weird on a normal day.
Mom's a Woman..I love Women and Happy International Women Day.


The ragged shoes and naked feet

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We ran together barefoot in the muds and rains.
We played football barefooted in the rains.
As we stand barefooted,we learned to laugh and live life together.
As time has elapsed, we forgot where we left our shoes as we see the kite hanging on the branch.
We have forgotten to live life as the shoes we left in the mud.
We have left a part of our lives on the seashores,mountains and lakes.
The lakes,mountains and hills are still there.
I can still here our crazy shrieks, laughs and our inner presence.
But, we are not there as our physical bodies have moved elsewhere.
I can the presence of our souls, distraught and crying.
My soul told me, why did you left me here lurching as the body and mind has lost itself in the crowd?
I have no answer for that.
I wanted to respond, life is unfair, it takes us too places.
I try to explain, a chapter in the book got over.
The soul respond,read the book before the last chapter end, there shall not be a new edition after that.
I nod!!We have lost ourselves to life.
We no longer know how to have fun.
We are being unfair to ourselves.
I will search for the abandoned shoes.
I shall stand with my naked feet as the torn, ragged shoes lay beside my feet.

Have a great Sunday.


Mumbai diary

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Happy Maha Shivratree to everyone. As everyone spend the night in mandir,offering prayers to the Lord,I was at home hanging round my PC..mom came in the morning and me woke up in the sleep to wake up the door and went back to bed. Watched Saat Khoon Maaf yesterday and me feels that Priyanka Chopra is so damn scary. Well made film and it's a good change. The film contains some well directed scenes and good performances were extracted from the actors. Review shall come in one day or two.
In my free time, I have become quite an expert in going back to my past as it gives me a sense of peace thinking of the good times spent during my college days. It was in 2005 when I was still a student at Fergusson college, Pune. It was the last day of my second year exams and I had to meet someone at the airport in Mumbai since he was bringing something for me. Must say, I was soo exciting to go to Mumbai, the city of dreams.
As I took the Volvo bus late at night, I reached Mumbai at 00.30 a.m the next day and took a rickshaw at the airport. Must say for a long time for the dude to land in Mumbai as I told him, Welcome to Mumbai. We had some smoke and chai and he had to take a local plane on his way to Delhi as I accompanied him. It was in the wee hours of the morning and it was in no way possible to get a cheap lodge to stay. I strayed throughout the night at the airport. I asked someone that I need to go to the station and he asked me if I want to save money take bus or a rick, but I can't remember whether I took a bus or a rick. I must confess that earlier I boarded a rick in the middle of the night and the rickshaw driver took me for a ride and he came back post 2 km.. I made him stop since he was asking for a huge sum of money but I finally gave him Rs 100 bucks for nothing. I fought with him but there were lotsa rickshaw at the airport.Jus wanna get rid of the fucker and I'm like go take it, a******** I was taken for a ride and I still get jitters. Dat y I say Mumbai is a great teacher.
As the gentleman told me, I took another rickshaw which cost me only 15 bucks and boarded the local at Andheri and reached Churchgate. From where, I took a cab to Colaba. Imagine I had a huge bag with me and searching for lodging in one of the most expensive places in the city, the same place where shoot out happened and where hordes of tourists shop and have beer. After much frantic search, I was damn tired and went to a Cyber cafe and asked one of the guys, not before surfing. They took me to a place,much say I was apprehensive that it might be dark, sidey place.Fortunately,it wasn't and finally got a room for 3 days.The cost:Would you believe some 150 bucks per day and was a place which belonged to some South Indian guys. It is a very small room near to Mc Do, metro shoes and a jewellery shop.Soo happy, chat milgaya sar chupana ke liye:)
In the evening, met Adi and his girl friend who joined me from Pune. We had some beer at Leopold Cafe. Since Bombay, as it was now at the time, was his birth place, he took me around in the double decker bus from Nariman Point to Dadar. We travelled for a good two hours and man, what an awesome sight of the city when you sit on top facing the window and the busy roads. At Dadar,we met one chick, Aboli,his school friend and he set me on a date with her. We met, had coffee at CCD,promise to meet again. Back to Colaba, I indulged in lotsa shopping, buying tee,shirts,Kurtas, shells and a miniature yellow black cab,plus many more stuffs. It was an awesome ride and if I sum it as, Memories to cherish in Maximum city.
Mumbai unlimited.