The ragged shoes and naked feet

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We ran together barefoot in the muds and rains.
We played football barefooted in the rains.
As we stand barefooted,we learned to laugh and live life together.
As time has elapsed, we forgot where we left our shoes as we see the kite hanging on the branch.
We have forgotten to live life as the shoes we left in the mud.
We have left a part of our lives on the seashores,mountains and lakes.
The lakes,mountains and hills are still there.
I can still here our crazy shrieks, laughs and our inner presence.
But, we are not there as our physical bodies have moved elsewhere.
I can the presence of our souls, distraught and crying.
My soul told me, why did you left me here lurching as the body and mind has lost itself in the crowd?
I have no answer for that.
I wanted to respond, life is unfair, it takes us too places.
I try to explain, a chapter in the book got over.
The soul respond,read the book before the last chapter end, there shall not be a new edition after that.
I nod!!We have lost ourselves to life.
We no longer know how to have fun.
We are being unfair to ourselves.
I will search for the abandoned shoes.
I shall stand with my naked feet as the torn, ragged shoes lay beside my feet.

Have a great Sunday.

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