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Happy Maha Shivratree to everyone. As everyone spend the night in mandir,offering prayers to the Lord,I was at home hanging round my PC..mom came in the morning and me woke up in the sleep to wake up the door and went back to bed. Watched Saat Khoon Maaf yesterday and me feels that Priyanka Chopra is so damn scary. Well made film and it's a good change. The film contains some well directed scenes and good performances were extracted from the actors. Review shall come in one day or two.
In my free time, I have become quite an expert in going back to my past as it gives me a sense of peace thinking of the good times spent during my college days. It was in 2005 when I was still a student at Fergusson college, Pune. It was the last day of my second year exams and I had to meet someone at the airport in Mumbai since he was bringing something for me. Must say, I was soo exciting to go to Mumbai, the city of dreams.
As I took the Volvo bus late at night, I reached Mumbai at 00.30 a.m the next day and took a rickshaw at the airport. Must say for a long time for the dude to land in Mumbai as I told him, Welcome to Mumbai. We had some smoke and chai and he had to take a local plane on his way to Delhi as I accompanied him. It was in the wee hours of the morning and it was in no way possible to get a cheap lodge to stay. I strayed throughout the night at the airport. I asked someone that I need to go to the station and he asked me if I want to save money take bus or a rick, but I can't remember whether I took a bus or a rick. I must confess that earlier I boarded a rick in the middle of the night and the rickshaw driver took me for a ride and he came back post 2 km.. I made him stop since he was asking for a huge sum of money but I finally gave him Rs 100 bucks for nothing. I fought with him but there were lotsa rickshaw at the airport.Jus wanna get rid of the fucker and I'm like go take it, a******** I was taken for a ride and I still get jitters. Dat y I say Mumbai is a great teacher.
As the gentleman told me, I took another rickshaw which cost me only 15 bucks and boarded the local at Andheri and reached Churchgate. From where, I took a cab to Colaba. Imagine I had a huge bag with me and searching for lodging in one of the most expensive places in the city, the same place where shoot out happened and where hordes of tourists shop and have beer. After much frantic search, I was damn tired and went to a Cyber cafe and asked one of the guys, not before surfing. They took me to a place,much say I was apprehensive that it might be dark, sidey place.Fortunately,it wasn't and finally got a room for 3 days.The cost:Would you believe some 150 bucks per day and was a place which belonged to some South Indian guys. It is a very small room near to Mc Do, metro shoes and a jewellery shop.Soo happy, chat milgaya sar chupana ke liye:)
In the evening, met Adi and his girl friend who joined me from Pune. We had some beer at Leopold Cafe. Since Bombay, as it was now at the time, was his birth place, he took me around in the double decker bus from Nariman Point to Dadar. We travelled for a good two hours and man, what an awesome sight of the city when you sit on top facing the window and the busy roads. At Dadar,we met one chick, Aboli,his school friend and he set me on a date with her. We met, had coffee at CCD,promise to meet again. Back to Colaba, I indulged in lotsa shopping, buying tee,shirts,Kurtas, shells and a miniature yellow black cab,plus many more stuffs. It was an awesome ride and if I sum it as, Memories to cherish in Maximum city.
Mumbai unlimited.

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