Holding hands in old age

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We promised to each other that we will be forever together.
We shall hands in old age and walk through the busy streets of old age.
We shall be the reference for young lovers as they look us at us with envy.
Who told you that we broke the promise?
We were together.
Only difference is that you can't see it?
See it through my own eyes.
Remember,when I too you to the ballet?
We had wine and how you yelled throughout,laughed and kissed me.
Everybody clapped their hands and you smiled sheepishly.
Later you told me, I made a fool of myself and smiled.
We loved,fought and had loads of fun together.
Alas!All good things must reach an end.
It's time to let everything go.
I decide to let you go and you must do the same.
We lived our life, WE shall not stop living.
Not being with each other shall not be an excuse not to enjoy every second of our life.
There ain't broken promises. We promised to be with each other.
We held to our promises and you just need to feel it.
Till love does us apart.
What lied before us was then, what lies in front of us is a mystery that no one can explain.
We shall meet in a new reconstructed world.

This poem was inspired by a dialogue in Inception which I watched yesterday on DVD. A brilliant, intellectually stimulating flick.I'm still inspired. Watch out for a post on Inception.
Loads of love

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