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Describing the state of the mind right now.Nah!I'm not feeling,thinking or sensing anything right now. Not before or just after,the Now moment of life,no pain or glory is experienced within. Trust me on that,it is a pretty good feeling and a trance like state.I'm not high but in a state of consciousness fully aware of my mind.
Too much philosophy in the readable matter,isn't it?Yet,it's just a state of the mind. Absolutely harmless yet enriching in all aspects and my multi-faceted life.I'm feeling romantic and in an awesome mood. Catched up with Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji..Nice light hearted flick which scares off the demons of life-work,worries and tiredness.Frankly speaking,I dunno what I'm talking bout and how this post is finding its way here.Well,it is coz it had to be.
Hell!Wait there are news.I always end up doing the most stupid thing like rendering the switch off button on CPU inactive. I almost broke the button yesterday as my comp was frozen and pressed it so hard that it was entrenched in the gadget in a bid to switch off my PC. It was a state of utter frustration.Thankfully, Bryan my neighbour,who deals in PC repairing,fixed it for me in the morning.Well,that's life and Vishal for you!He always ends up fucking up things only to say,had I known,I woul'd ve never done that. Confession: Right now,I'm obsessed with the idea of living my teenage days and adolescence that I've bought Mills& Boons and Harlequin..crazy,yes it is.I wanna relive my childhood.Yes!For a guy to read those mushy mushy romance it's quite something and please don't get ideas..I'm straight and not a virgin for fuck sake. I know it's strange coz things are happening to me and I'm finding it weird.Identity crisis,oh!Yeah!The scare of growing old like I freaked out the other day by finding a single grey piece in my entire bundle of hair.
An attempt to sound serious on the blog..no,it never happens except once in a while..Can never do that here as whatever I say I fail to fulfill them.Better keep mum and let nature overides the self.Example...simple 1.was planning a short love story but never get to sit and write for blogspot...been trying to reduce smoking since one month..Ahem!Ahem!Ya..another piece of news..I'm planning to resume gym.I started way back in Nov 2009 but stopped after 2 months..Oh!God!Why I'm like that..But,idea is appealing to me again in a bid to keep fit and be active, if not super active.shall stick this time..yay!I still need a break from work and let's see I might concentrate on giving tuition to students and do some freelance work for the media.I'm waiting for the day where I shall cease attending work.Yay!Didn't acquired my new denims to replace the old-rugged piece.Shall buy it towards the month end or perhaps later.
Cheers and love
BTW I'm feeling romantic.
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