Forbidden fruit-ur place or mine for a harmless fling

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Word of caution:
Have a faint,dogmatic moralist heart,refrain from reading it. Should you choose to do it,at your own perils.Cheers:)
A tale of smitten odalisques,Adamesque in pursuit of the forbidden fruit,behind the white sheet of the bed. Tomorrow,they shall not text each other for a coffee date.Adam poke,Eve poke back. It's no longer shameful,the one night stand. 
We live in a world where films have changed the equation in our life. Life is busy and ain't no time for a relationship coupled with the commitment angle. It's costly in terms of time,stress and expensive dinner and getways. We'll live to favour a night of shameless pleasure, a harmless fling coupled with both parties experiencing win-win. No one ending up losing in terms of emotional hurt,ill feelings and self harm inflicted.
Gone are the days when we would watch TV and a kissing scene appearing in a Hollywood flick would make us unease or our elders would chid us if we speak bout sex with siblings. The time..ah!The hell of time when sex was made sin or evil by the sanctity of moral guadians yelling on the roof,terming it as religious bigotry or non-conforming to social laws and mores. We have the power of condoms now.Remember, the taste of the forbidden fruit is sweeter and holier that we could have imagined.
It brings me to the real story. Yes,I am speaking about one night stand,casual sex and fling. Lemme get it straight. Outlook sex survey appeared on January 24 and columns by authors of the likes Meeankshi Reddy-Madhavan,Tishani Doshi,Hari Menon, Jerry Pinto and Nilanjana Roy propelled me to have my own column. Though denied on Outlook,I have blogspot and am the new kid on the block. New Kid says he's all game for a harmless fling. Historically, fling has always existed and since the times of Mahabharatha and in Islamic societies,interalia,Christian history. Indeed, it is not something novel or else we are not shaking the foundation of society. Picture it:You are single and you meet an attractive lady in a bar.You offer her a drink and the possibility of spending a night together as one of you pops up, your place or mine. It transcend the Mills N Boons culture. Sex has always and ever existed between mates,vanilla sex or strawberry flavoured condom,red sexy lips if it ever stand as an ode to love,sex and Dhoka.
Another tale of abrely chested male,females caucasian or Lolita-esque version of new redefined and refined lust sex.Boys and girls have moved beyond the masturbation part. Bluntly put:Sex is an energy as we were put in the world to breath fresh air,consume water in the stiff heat,our aderaline rushes.The mating game been started by animals and humans alike and make no mistake we are social animals and as dogs shameless search for pleasure beyond the moral crass so are we.Mating,indulging in physical pleasure is only but a natural process of the human brain,physical longing.
Till there are humans there shall be desires. Longing for the forbidden fruits,lusting on males and females bodies.Any takers?Many do it on social networking sites such as Hi 5,Orkut,Facebook and many more mushrooming in the web world.Nopes,I am not referring to those despo whose status claim,services for satisfaction..they are in for cheap thrills,your regualr dude or chick,you poke,I poke..you know the story by now.
Have a great,harmless fling with no strings attached..Mr Right or Miss Right is just round the corner..what is right or wrong is relative..dat my quote for the day.
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