Complexities of life

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We are born different as human entities yet we reach a common point in life. Circumstances brings us together and a small,mundane conversation propels us to understand the true meaning of life. We are considered lucky since we were saved the pain of going through the pains and struggles felt by the less fortunate in life. As goes the saying, we become what we are.
As I left from office, I had a conversation with the driver who spoke to me about his life.The struggles he faced and told me that he worked in the market place,with a saber in his hand,peeling coconut from 5 in the morning till 8 o'clock. He had wrinkles on his hands.For a man who didn't reached the basic level of education it was his university, a great mecca of life.The man is proud and rightly so. He worked as a driver in many companies,affording the luxury of 3 hour sleep in a day. Then,I realized that no matter how much we complain about life,there is somewhere someone who is struggling to make ends meet. We are somehow enjoying a good life relative to many. The pain we feel is very less to what the unfortunate lot feel.
He has a son and wish to give him the best of education,compensating to the deprivation he was subjected to as a child. Born in a poor family,his parents could not afford to give him a decent life.he told me ,I don't want to make my son go through the the things I'm going through in life. I struggle to buy him milk,still I do so because I don't want him to suffer from malnutrition.
We may not have many things in common,yet we can make an effort to understand the other person. We end up looking at them with prejudice,perhaps because of the language they use and crass manner.But, do we blame them?Let's blame their environment for the time being. We reach a point of appreciation when a father struggles to make both ends meet. I came to realise one man's frustration and the lamentation of not being given the chance to have access to education.He was just one common man and there are millions like him in the world.
We have the tendency of blaming our situation, kicking at ourselves for not getting the life we desire.We deserve better,we often say. But,but in this world many people are there in all walks of life who are living a painful life. Let's make an effort to enjoy every minute of life,feel the power of the moment where our life can be improved and chances of getting better are ten fold. It's a world of immense possibilities and chance the dreams.Better not lose our time in lamenting on the hard life.Life isn't hard, our perception and thinking are. We can change things.YES WE CAN and get rid of NO WE CAN'T.
Good Morning.
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